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We believe that knowledge is power & that there’s nothing that can stop a woman who has acquired the right tools to get what she wants.


That’s why our masterclasses are expertly designed to impart a great deal of know-how in a compact period of time. We want our community of kickass female shapers to get hands-on advice and real-life insights that they can instantly implement in order to get the best results. 


As go-to-points for the go(al)-getters in their local communities, masterclasses don’t only inspire our inner circle members to become their best selves, but they also enable them to connect & build their network.

who are we working with?

We collaborate with heart-centered ambitious people who share our values and believe that mutual support, community and diversity are key factors for innovation and growth.


Our speakers understand that women are essential in moving our global economy forward and that they hold limitless potential to shape their realities & communities for the better. 


We’re looking for experts and leading practitioners (trainers, speakers, coaches) that want to share their expertise in one of our core 5 areas.

pick your core area. 

biz & career hacking. relevant topics around founding and scaling a business and know-how on how to climb the career ladder

body & mind hacking. all about physical & mental well-being, including tips & tricks on how to create profound growth

connection & relationship hacking. topics from emotional intelligence to how to build meaningful connections

money & power hacking. insights on how to gain financial literacy and hands-on advice on how to gain influence

life & impact hacking. covering different aspects around time & energy mastery, purpose & productivity boosting


why work with us?

  • use your expertise to empower women and support them in driving change, impacting their surroundings and working towards changing the world

  • gain exposure to our global network of female shapers and connect with ambitious professionals & acclaimed experts from diverse industries

  • we organize all the logistics and promotion of your masterclass (on- or offline), so you can focus on delivering the best content in the best atmosphere

  • possibility to sell and advertise non-member tickets and shared revenue on all tickets sold

  • complimentary leaders membership worth € 899 to connect with other female leaders around the world

what's the process?

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if we commonly decide that we’re an awesome fit, we proceed to figuring out all logistical details; at this point, you’re invited to fill out a masterclass design form


receive consulting and feedback from our team for the final masterclass design

share your knowledge

deliver the masterclass & empower kickass (future) leaders!

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how to make it in tech
how to make it in communications
limitless mentoring | the conference by the female factor
hacking your potential | the limitless conference

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