the community you need along your entrepreneurial journey

Is this community right for you as female entrepreneur?

We are entrepreneurs ourselves. We know that journey is rewarding and exciting, but can also be frustrating, lonely and risky. Our community is dedicated to supporting you along your journey. We want to have your back if it's needed and we'd love to celebrate your successes with you.

The female factor is the right community for you if you are: 

  • a female founder just about to get started with your business eager to be prepared best for this huge step

  • a couple of months or years into your business, but ready to take it one step further

  • eager to find other entrepreneurial minds, that understand you and your challenges & feelings

  • looking for experts and mentors that can support you in the best way possible #beentheredonethat

Yes, we are open for all entrepreneurial women across all industries - freelancers, small business owners, startup founders, doesn't matter. It's all about our similar mindset and the willingness to support each other. 

What you can expect as female entrepreneur.

Well, we know: Time is money when it comes to your business. We are well aware of how important it is to only have the best people and highly relevant content for you to not waste your time. We know you want to be understood and supported in the right way. 

What you get as a female entrepreneur in our community:

Access to

world-class mentors

Whether it is the right founder, the right marketer, the right VC, or even the right lawyer, we've got you covered

Tailor-made masterclasses

Covering all relevant content bits, from business planning to online marketing hacks to mindset insights - designed to your needs



Your chance to deep dive into your business with a real expert and get immediate feedback and a clear action plan


mastermind groups

 Exchange experience and know-how with women just like you, understanding your challenges & struggles while helpig you first-hand

Sounds like this is made for you? Great, because we had exactly YOU in mind when designing our community. Join us now and benefit from all the perks.

Nadine | Founder
NASCH Sportswear

This is exactly the network I was looking for as a solo founder. All the members are supporting each other and it's great to see everyone growing. Ever since I've become part of the inner circle, my business has grown from proto-type to sustainable production.


Invest in yourself today.

It'll change your game - forever.

Mentors dedicated to support female entrepreneurs.

Get access to our pool of 150+ international mentors, from founders and investors to media representatives, we make sure you'll have the perfect match.

Masterclasses designed for female entrepreneurs.

We truly believe that knowledge is power. Our masterclasses and events are designed to impart a great deal of know-how in a compact period of time. We want you to have hands-on advice you instantly can implement in your daily business life and see immediate results.


Our masterclasses are the go-to-point for local entrepreneurs across all industries in your local community and a great opportunity to build your network. 

hacking your potential | the limitless conference
#IamRemarkable | the female factor x google
how to be productive instead of busy | Sinem Günel
unlock the power of your female cycle | Alisa Eresina
start with leading yourself | Karina Streng
hacking money | the limitless conference
master doubt & fear | Alisa Eresina
become a great speaker | Georg Kuttner
the mentoring summer series


Invest in yourself today.

It'll change your game - forever.


Drop us a line, we're answering all your questions.

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