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leadership skills of the future

From COVID-19 to war in Europe, recession, burnout, and quiet quitting, today's workplace is constantly changing and leadership must adapt to future-proof their organizations.

current state of work

“80% of employees feel unproductive, and 40% report daily stress and worry.” These are the newest (and shocking) results of the latest study on the State of the Global Workplace by Gallup.

It’s crucial that organizational leaders invest in employee well-being and foster the engagement of their teams, but that’s often easier said than done. Often, managers are overwhelmed by all the changes.

leaders must rethink their approach

The changes result in a redefinition of the dynamics between leaders and employees and evolve into a more human-to-human approach.

Human-centric leadership evolves particularly around the skills of authenticity, empathy, and adaptability. These qualities have long been considered "nice to have" - however, now they are the must-haves for a leader.

“Studies show that especially in this new "era of leadership," female leaders have the upper hand. They often have the necessary leadership skills intuitively." explains Tanja Sternbauer, Co-CEO of the female factor.

investments in future-proof skills

Surveys show that around 50% of leaders are not prepared for these changes and do not have the necessary skill set. But how can organizations and HR leaders instil these traits in emerging and current leaders?

Formal employee development programs are an effective method for skills training and professional development.

The lack of development opportunities is one of the main reasons why, especially female talents, leave companies. In times of hiring freezes, companies must offer good training programs. This not only promotes employee loyalty, but also helps to close skill gaps." explains Mahdis Gharaei, Co-CEO of the female factor.

Want to learn more about effective talent development to make sure your organization and your workforce are future-proof?

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