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    Carly Hulls Creative

  • With 10+ years experience in the travel industry, progressing through to become a Stevie Award-winning head of Sales & Support at Austria's #1 travel startup, I have dedicated my career to solving problems and supporting customers and travellers in experiencing the best of a destination.

    As an experienced female executive in the travel industry, I spent the last 6 years leading a team of 75+ agents across 3 global offices, shaping the customer journey and communications, while developing hands-on project management and leadership structures for our scaling business.

    Now, as a self-employed mentor & consultant for creative business owners, I offer bespoke consultation to small travel business, startups and sustainability focussed brands and individuals to help them scale their business.

    I'm highly energetic and motivated, believe in productivity practises that reflect your values (beyond the office!) and I listen more than I talk. I've been in leadership and people management my entire career and am deeply motivated to be the support person for women in leadership roles who feel they aren't getting the support or venting opportunity they need. Mentorship is critical for mental health, and without it, we won't see a change in the face of businesses and their boardrooms. I intend to be part of that change!

    Be a professional human. Work and life is as much about relationships as it is output, so make sure you're behaving, planning your time, and living by your values in all elements of your work. Your team will always absorb your actions more deeply than your words - so make sure your actions are aligned and you spend your time doing the right things!

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