why mentoring

is changing the

game for women.

ever wondered what's the single most (un)fair advantage to accelerate your career? 


Studies show a tight-knit circle makes all the difference for an aspiring female leader to advance her career, especially access to experienced role models and leaders within and beyond their industry can change the game. Mentoring is a proven tool to reach a career milestone, create a better work-life integration, and generally feeling more confident in choices.

the benefits of mentoring.


higher probability to get promoted

up to 24%

more minority representation at management level


higher retention rate for both mentees and mentors


of mentored women become mentors themselves


of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs

our approach to mentoring.

Not all of us are working for a Fortune 500 company with a dedicated mentoring program. But as mentoring can be such a strong tool to accelerate a woman's career and her overall wellbeing, our aim is to make it accessible for all ambitious women across industries. 

Over the years we developed different approaches to connect future female leaders with decision-makers and role models. Pick the one most suited for your needs.


Are you ready for your career boost?

the mentoring

 supporting you in your personal and professional growth with over 150+ decision-makers

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the mentoring conference

connecting you with like-minded women and true role models to expand your network 

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feedback sessions

with our in-house experts on the things that matter most to YOU and your growth

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peer to peer mentoring can be a powerful tool to advance your career and personal development

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what our mentees say about us.


Being part of the female factor community gave us a sense of belonging; having the chance to connect with like-minded superwomen made us nothing but empowered, highly-driven and more committed.  An extra shoutout goes to Renata Fourmanova who's thoughtfulness, expertise and network is a real added value and benefit to our company.

Reka Pasztor Turak
COO | Local's Lore

Build a network for a lifetime.


Check out our FAQ below or drop us a line, we'll answer any questions you may have.

F A Q s

What exactly is the mentoring program?

The mentoring program is designed to enable the next generation of female leaders with guidance and a solid network to support them in their personal and professional development. The program runs twice a year for 6 months and potential mentees need to apply for their desired mentor. Currently we have over 150+ active mentors in more than 15 cities world-wide. To take part, check out the program here. Please note, you need to be an active inner circle member to apply. Eager to give back yourself? Apply here as a mentor.

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