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Is this community right for you as young professional?

Are you eager to climb that ladder in your corporate career or to break that glass ceiling? Our community is dedicated to supporting you along your journey. We want to have your back if it's needed and we'd love to celebrate your successes with you.

The female factor is the right community for you if you are: 

  • at the starting point of your career

  • a (future) female leader just about to take the next step in your professional development

  • a driven woman, eager to spark a change in your career

  • open to finding other ambitious minds, that understand you and your challenges

  • looking for experts and mentors that can support you in the best way possible #beentheredonethat

Yes, we are open for all female professionals across all industries.

It's all about our similar mindset and the willingness to support each other. 

What you can expect as young professional.

Our services for ambitious women in corporate environments is designed to really get you ahead. We do believe in a holistic offer, helping you to grow professionally and personally alike. 


As a member you benefit from: 

Access to

world-class mentors

Be it a CFO, CEO, leading manager or a startup founder - pick a mentor aligned with your personal vision.

Tailor-made masterclasses

We deliver high-quality & relevant content bits, from negotiation to personal finance to mindset insights - helping you grow.



Your chance to deep dive into your personal journey with a real expert and get immediate feedback and a clear action plan


mastermind groups

 Exchange experience and know-how with women just like you, understanding your challenges & struggles while helpig you first-hand

Sounds like this is made for you? Great, because we had exactly YOU in mind when designing our community. Join us now and benefit from all the perks.

Simrit | Innovation Manager
KAPSCH TrafficCom

I value the strong and diverse network the female factor offers as well as the chance to work on my self as a young professional with tailored masterclasses and grow personally with the guidance of a handpicked mentor.


Invest in yourself today.

It'll change your game - forever.

Mentors dedicated to supporting young professionals on their way to the top.

Get access to our pool of 150+ international mentors across all industries and true role models within their company. 

Masterclasses designed for (future) female leaders.

We truly believe that knowledge is power. Our masterclasses and events are designed to impart a great deal of know-how in a compact period of time. We want you to have hands-on advice you instantly can implement in your daily business and private life and see immediate results.


Our masterclasses are the go-to-point for female talents across all industries in your local community and a great opportunity to build your network. 

hacking your potential | the limitless conference
#IamRemarkable | the female factor x google
how to be productive instead of busy | Sinem Günel
unlock the power of your female cycle | Alisa Eresina
start with leading yourself | Karina Streng
hacking money | the limitless conference
master doubt & fear | Alisa Eresina
become a great speaker | Georg Kuttner
the mentoring summer series


Invest in yourself today.

It'll change your game - forever.


Drop us a line, we're answering all your questions.

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