PHH Rechtsanwälte

A top-tier law firm in the fields of business law.

Many things have happened since PHH was established back in 2001: our ten PHH partners and more than 80 employees work in expert clusters specialising in many fields, from M&A, banking & finance, litigation, and tax planning to commercial criminal law.

PHH Rechtsanwälte

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our company values

We are familiar with every letter of the laws, codices and articles that apply in our respective fields.

The focus of our work is always on individuals and their projects, plans and prospects. Our main aim in each case is a satisfied client.  

Lawyers – lone mavericks? Theorists? Rational, unemotional thinking machines? We are not fond of clichés and will happily convince you of the contrary.

our take on female empowerment & driving diversity

We at PHH Rechtsanwälte are proud that we are diverse. We encourage people to be who they are. We are aware that being diverse, is a strength that makes us successful. Being diverse means, that everyone has the same opportunities, and being announced as a partner is neither a matter of gender nor of age, origin, religion or sexual orientation.

our women in management ratio

At the moment, the management is a duo one woman and one man. The current ration on women being partner is 30%, at counsel level 50%. Our goal is to increase the ratio at all levels to 50%.

our benefits for women working with us

childcare services
remote work
education & training opportunities
flexible working hours
corporate health management
gym voucher
unlimited coffee
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