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the career
mentoring program.

Boost your career or business through our mentoring program.

150+ global leaders

from 50+ countries ready to share their experience and network

6 months

to develop your confidence, leadership skills & connections

limitless learnings

learn from those who've #beenthere and #donethat to elevate your career

Our mentoring program connects the next generation of female leaders to global decision-makers of today passionate about sharing their valuable know-how and network.


No matter if you’re just about getting started with your career, stepping up that career ladder, leading a successful company or you're feeling a bit lost - having a mentor is ALWAYS a good idea.

You get face to face honest advice, valuable feedback and industry know-how you just cannot find on Google. We’ve put together a panel of top-notch international leaders, investors and managers that are sure to help you skyrocket your career.

what is the mentoring program about? 

Our mentoring program gives you access to one of our 150+ global industry leaders. Over the course of 6 month you'll have the chance for 1:1 (online or offline) sessions with your dedicated mentor to pick their brain, receive feedback and guidance or get introductions to their vast networks. The timing and locations of your sessions is totally up to you and your mentor.

is the mentoring program right for you?


for professionals

with the feeling that there is "more out there" for you

spoiler: there is!

founders & business owners


you're busy building your business or side project and would like to have a sparring partner or industry insights


career change

you would like to get started in a different field or country or you're coming back after a break


hunting for a promotion


you want to be prepared when it comes to taking the next step or for negotiating a raise or promotion

Yes, our mentoring program is open to all ambitious women across all industries and professions, no matter your label - founders, corporate leaders, young professionals, mindset is what makes the difference!

applications are closed.


spring 2022
batch begins

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spring 2022








announced +
program begins

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how to join the program.

1. Become a 

To join the program you have to be an active member. Become a member here if you're not part yet. 

2. Choose your

Make sure to choose your mentor based on your current and future career goals. Use the filter to narrow your results. 

3. Fill out the

You'll be asked to add a motivational message which helps mentors decide whether you would be a good fit.

4. Get selected by
your mentor

Our top-notch mentors hand pick their mentees based on who they think could benefit most from this mentorship. 

5. Start your mentoring sessions

You'll get introduced to your mentor via mail and can schedule your first session with them. We recommend 3-6 sessions in total.

proudly introducing our mentors.

We have brought together some of the most sought-after women & men – founders, managers, artists, you name it – who want to work with YOU and help you taking the next steps, wherever this might be leading you.

All our handpicked mentors are well-known for their vast experience and know-how. If you feel a little overwhelmed by the selection, just use the filter on the side and search for your best match. Please visit this page on your desktop to see all options.

Do you feel you want to contribute as well? Learn more about becoming a mentor here