Our mentoring program connects the next generation of female leaders to those who are more experienced and incredibly passionate about sharing their valuable know-how. No matter if you’re just about getting starting with your career, leading a successful company or you're feeling a bit lost - having a mentor is ALWAYS a good idea.


You get face to face honest advice, valuable feedback and industry know-how you just cannot find on Google. We’ve put together a panel of top-notch international leaders, investors and managers that are sure to help you skyrocket your career.

The mentoring program is exclusive to our members and runs for half a year. Be quick to land the mentor you’ve always wanted.

Do you have the right mindset? 

Our mentoring program is designed for all female changemakers, that:

  • are ready to step up their game

  • have a go-getter mentality

  • set clear career goals in their field

  • rise by lifting others

  • have confidence in a growth mindset

  • believe in their  t r u e  potential

Yes, we are open for all ambitious women across all industries, no matter your label - founders, corporate leaders, young professionals, mindset is what makes the difference!

Your 4 steps towards success.

1. Become a 

To join the designated mentoring program you have to be an active member. So be sure to check that your membership is up to date or become a member and benefit from all our perks.

2. Choose your

Pick and choose a mentor you think would best suit you and your career goals. Someone you look up to, could get along with and can give you the advice and feedback you need now and at a later stage.

3. Fill out the

Once you've chosen a mentor go ahead and fill out the application form. You'll be asked to add a motivational message which helps mentors decide whether you would be a good fit.

4. Get selected by
your mentor

Our top-notch mentors hand pick their mentees based on who they think could benefit most from this mentorship. Once all mentees have been selected by their mentor we will notify you by e-mail.

Get ready - soon is the time!

We know you are waiting for the next batch of our global mentoring program to open. However, due to these uncertain times, we wanted to use this opportunity properly to re-evaluate the program and present you an even better mentoring batch in fall 2020. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to get updated once we are launching. 

Does this mean there is no chance for you to connect with true role models and industry leaders until fall? Our mentoring summer series is designed to allow you exactly that.


Find all the info here

Proudly introducing our mentors.

We have brought together some of the most sought-after women & men – founders, managers, artists, you name it – who want to work with YOU and help you taking the next steps, wherever this might be leading you.


All our handpicked mentors are well-known for their vast experience and know-how. If you feel a little overwhelmed by the selection, just use the filter on the side and search for your best match. Please visit this page on your desktop to see all options.

Do you feel you want to contribute as well? Learn more about becoming a mentor here

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