because it's time for a

new era of leaders. 

Tremendous social, political, environmental and economic forces have radically reshaped life as we knew it, and one thing is clear: Our world increasingly needs us to show up in a more human way.

It's time for a new era of leaders.

Leaders who demonstrate self-awareness, empowerment, high levels of emotional intelligence and a collaborative mindset. We believe that by embracing their innately feminine power, their "female factors" such as empathy, intuition and compassion, women will step up, leading our world for the better.


By giving future leaders access to the right connections, boosting their confidence levels, and enhancing their competencies, we are enabling women to seize opportunities, get their seat at the table and build a brighter tomorrow for all of us.

how the fu*k did we get here?

Becoming company leaders ourselves at a young age showed us the importance of not only taking responsibility for our own organizations and teams, but of looking beyond, to our impact as leaders and the difference one can make on society as a whole.


We considered ourselves lucky to get into these positions early on, but really, it took the confidence in ourselves and our skills and, of course, the willingness to work for it (a lot!). And above all: We wouldn't be where we are today without an empowering community, a diverse support network across industries & countries, and mentoring from more experienced leaders who opened up doors for us.


In 2019 we decided it's time for us to give back: Sharing our combined learnings of 20+ years of leadership experience with our community and giving them access to our strong network of opinion leaders and decision-makers. Our goal was and is to empower the next generation of female leaders to step into their superpower by connecting them with the people and resources needed to succeed.


The female factor is our extended, global inner circle of (future) female leaders, ready to support each other and shape a better world, together.

meet our kickass team.


Tanja Sternbauer

co-founder & head of community

Tanja is co-founder of the female factor, being mainly responsible for the community, marketing & branding.


Florian Braeuer

head of product

Flo is responsible for realizing our tech product and also supports in all topics around funding.


Louise Gelling

mentoring lead

Louise is handling all mentoring relations, being the first contact point for mentors and mentees alike.


Fridtjof Petersen

data analyst

Fridtjof's area is everything related to data analysis and research-based practice.


Shiny Dhas

talent intern

Shiny supports the HR team with the talent scouting and onboarding operations.


Kerstin Wagner

partnerships intern

Kerstin supports the partnerships team with everything related to our partner organizations.


Dorijan Dlaka

entrepreneur in residence

Dorijan's tasks mainly revolve around project development and strategy implementation.


Mahdis Gharaei

co-founder & head of partnerships

As a co-founder of the female factor, Mahdis is responsible for partnerships and connecting companies with female talents.


Lisa Ambros

partnerships lead

Lisa makes sure that our all partner organizations are happy and presented in the best light possible.


Paulina Kania

community partnership lead

Paulina is taking care of all community partnerships across the globe.


Kasia Potocka

success circle lead

Kasia is leading our success circles, ensuring knowledge-sharing between members.


Alina Guseinova

human resources intern

Alina currently screens potential candidates for job roles and trains new members of the community.


Elifnaz Kabalci

marketing intern

Elifnaz creates visual and textual content for all our channels ensuring our core values are communicated.


Megi Sklepic

human resources intern

Megi is busy with hiring processes, scouting for digital marketing & content marketing leads.


Maryna Kovalyova

community lead

Maryna is our member happiness officer, being the first contact point and problem solver of all our member requests and beyond.


Vera Grablechner

digital marketing lead

Vera's area is everything related to digital marketing at the female factor.


Veronica Sclauzero

mentoring support

Veronica makes sure our mentoring summer series is a success for all mentees and mentors.


Olena Kondratenko

project lead

Olena runs projects smoothly by managing plans, analyzing scope and conducting market research.


Anda Popat


Anda is involved in the operational side of business including research, development and strategy.


Anne Lassen

marketing intern

Anne supports our communications team as a marketing intern by creating content for all our channels.


Polina Sergeeva

partnerships & hr intern

Polina assists our partnership team as an internship trainee and is our b2b brand ambassador.

co-founders_thefemalefactor 3_edited.jpg

hi, this is us. 

We are Mahdis & Tanja, the co-founders of the female factor.

Reach out to Tanja for everything related to community, mentoring, our membership & if you would like to apply for a job.


Mahdis is eager to talk to you about partnerships or if you would like to stop by in our beautiful office in Vienna to get to know us. 

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We rise by lifting others.



Drop us a line, we're eager to get to know you.