closing the leadership gap.

because it's time for a new era of leaders. 

The female factor is a global career- and leadership community for a new era of female decision-makers, helping them to get their seat at the table by boosting connections, confidence & competence.

Tremendous social, political, environmental and economic forces have radically reshaped life as we knew it, and one thing is clear: Our world increasingly needs us to show up in a more human way.


It's time for a new era of leaders.

Leaders who demonstrate self-awareness, empowerment, high levels of emotional intelligence and a collaborative mindset. We believe that by embracing their innately feminine power, their "female factors" such as empathy, intuition and compassion, women will step up, leading our world for the better.


By giving them access to the right connections, boosting their confidence levels, and enhancing their competencies, we are enabling women to seize opportunities, get their seat at the table and build a brighter tomorrow for all of us.

our core pillars.


to believe in herself


to deliver results


to create opportunities

It's proven.

Research says a woman needs three things to succeed in her career: Confidence to believe in herself, the right set of competencies to deliver results and connections to lift her up & create opportunities.


Our community offers have been designed to touch upon these three pillars to accelerate a woman's career or business.

developing future female leaders.

Our opportunity journey is designed to help women get ahead with the right mentors, hands-on career knowledge, accountability partners, confidence training and a great network of peers.

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a dedicated space to connect with like-minded women and leaders ready to support you

confidence program

learn from experienced coaches to gain the confidence needed to get you ahead


pick the brain of one of our 150+ global industry leaders to get you ahead on your journey

career competencies

our career bundles make sure your cv, linkedin and personal branding are on fleek

exclusive events

curated content with hands-on advice and ensuring you're meeting the right people


openings from inclusive employers handpicked and made accessible to you

what our members say about us.

Simrit | Innovation Manager
KAPSCH TrafficCom

I value the strong and diverse network the female factor offers as well as the chance to work on my self as a young professional with tailored masterclasses and grow personally with the guidance of a handpicked mentor.

Amrit | Influencer

I really appreciate to be in a community which provides high quality customized workshops and mentorship that are designed to my personal needs.

Nadine | Founder

This is exactly the network I was looking for as a solo founder. All the members are supporting each other and it's great to see everyone growing. Ever since I've become part of the inner circle, my business has grown from proto-type to sustainable production.



Invest in yourself today.

It'll change your game - forever.


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