We believe in women shaping and leading our world by embracing their innately “feminine” power. We believe that female factors like empathy, intuition and optimism work towards the benefit of every company. We believe women are not only key to leveraging a company’s full potential but also essential to move our global economy forward. We believe in diversity as a key factor of innovation and growth. We believe in mutual support and the power of community.

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How the fu*k did we get here?

As female entrepreneurs, we both discovered the power of community and mentorship early on. Creating business opportunities through a network of female founders made us realize that we want to empower more women on a global scale. Because we truly believe, that we rise by lifting others.

Being connected (and even better: being friends) with driven women all over the world with the same go-getter mentality that inspires and empowers each other, has always been on our vision boards.


That’s why we founded the female factor in 2019. 

An online and offline circle in over 15 countries that connects ambitious women with mentors, skills, brands and professionals to unlock their full potential and lead them to their goals.

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We rise by lifting others.


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