aiming to have an impact while making an income?

Are you eager to support aspiring women to get their seats at the table and tackle tomorrow’s challenges? 

our values

We believe in teamwork, taking responsibility, mutual support and growth.

we rise by lifting others.


Our aim is to support you in your professional and personal development while making an impact together. We host regular team get-togethers and we have our own great coworking area at Talent Garden Vienna. 


To work with us is your chance to contribute your skills and connect with amazing minds all over the world.

Feel free to reach out to us if you feel you wanna contribute, but don't find a suitable position advertised. 


We are eager to get to know you!

global mindset

the process.

1. check our open positions below

Browse through our openings and see which one speaks to you most. Not 100 % fulfilling the requirements? Apply anyway. We'll give you feedback in any case so you can learn. 

2. record a video & get your docs ready

Yes, painful 90 seconds of you on video to get you out of your comfort zone and for a first impression. Just let us know why you want to work with us and what you can contribute to our team. Content over quality. 

3. check if everything is fine

We recommend having a look at our career success program check your docs so everything looks neat and nice. We don't wanna judge you by the looks of your documents but, yes, the first impression counts ;) 

4. hit the apply button

Everything ready? Hit the apply button and go ahead submitting your application. Still questions? Reach out to us to get them answered asap. 

We can't wait to hear from you.

​Please note, we can only accept applications including both CV (in PDF) and video so our remotely-organized team can get a great first impression of you. All other applications won't be considered, sorry. Check out our FAQ section below to get all technical questions answered.  

Once the ball is in our court: 
  • You can expect an answer within 7 days - if you don't receive one, pls reach out to us

  • If we love what we've seen so far, we will send you a short questionnaire (kind of an online assessment) tailored to your desired position. This helps us to get an idea of your skillset, working style and thinking process. 

  • If we love that impression as well, then we will schedule a call to get to know.

open positions.

talent acquisition lead

f/m/x | 20-40 hours / week | 22.400 € gross / year| location: remote

(junior) key account lead

f/m/x | 10-30 hours / week |  22.400 € gross / year| location: Vienna, remote possible

digital marketing lead

f/m/x | 20-30 hours / week |  30.000 € gross / year| location: flexible

brand ambassador

f/m/x | flexible | commission-based | location: flexible

not finding what you're looking for?

send us your application anyway, and we see if there is a place for you within our team :) 


Become part of the movement.


Drop us a line, we're answering all your questions.

F A Q s

Do you have any tips and tricks to elevate my chances to get an interview?

Thanks for asking! Yes we do, check out our career success program, where we collected all our learnings. Our additional tips:

  • send all documents in pdf, word is a no go, reallyyy
  • check for spelling mistakes, and also check the name of our company (it's the female factor, not Female Factor or any other way)
  • a motivation letter is not required, however we love it
While ignoring all of these tips doesn't mean we wouldn't consider your application, but speaking of experience, we get some really good applications and chances are high that someone else has better cards then.

Do I really need to send in a video? I don't like it to be on camera.

Wow yes, we totally feel you. But, as we are a remotely organized team, it's so important for all of us to get the same first impression of you, so a video is the best solution. Also we like to get you of your comfort zone once in a while and you introducing yourself via video is a great first step to do so too :) No worries, you don't need to shoot a fully professional video, it's totally enough to just use your phone. HOWEVER, if you wanna go the extra mile, making sure the lighting is great, using landscape mode and if you are even do some editing... we're definitely digging it :D Please refrain from reading your CV to us and concentrate on telling us why you would like to work with us and what you can bring to the table. As for sharing the video, we'd recommend google drive or vimeo/youtube with free access for us or wetransfer, even though we could get back to you because the link expired^^

How can I apply?

Simply click one of the application buttons on the job descriptions page or on this page and fill out the form. Make sure you have a 90 seconds video and your cv in pdf ready. The best experience is ensured when using a desktop computer.

What's the exact steps to get a job at the female factor?

Thanks for asking. So right after your application here our team is screening your application checking first for the basics:

  • all fields are completed
  • all documents are there (in pdf)
  • the video is accessible
After that we dig a bit deeper:
  • making sure you have the necessary hard skills according to your cv
  • we're peeking into your linkedin profile
  • watching your video submission why you would like to join us #yourwhymatters
If we like what we see we invite you to fill out our position-based questionnaire, kind of an online assessment giving you 48 hours to answer some questions around our business. If we are digging your answer too and see that you're either full of experience or full of potential, we'll arrange a get-to-know-your-vibe call. If you pass the vibe check, you'll either be invited to get to know anyother team member or you're offered the position directly. Yes, this easy. The fastest hire ever was from application to starting day in like 3 days :D #ifyouknowyouknow

How much are you paying?

Excellent question and of course it depends on the position and your experience. The base salary is usually listed in all the job positions. Currently we can only employ people based in Austria and our salaries are based on Austrian regulations (Kollektivvertrag). For everyone living outside of Austria we can only offer freelance contracts at the moment. (Until we are making much more money and can afford all the bureaucracy ;)).

What happens if you reject my application?

We always try to give feedback in case an application wasn't successful. If you feel you would like to have additional insights, just reach out. Sometimes we have very hard requirements, so it has absolutely nothing to do with your competencies, it's just not a fit. Once rejected your contact details remain in our database and we're happily reaching out in case there is another suitable position available for you. And yes, that happens.

Are internships paid?

No, unfortunately at the moment we are not offering paid internships. Currently we cannot afford paying interns, even though they are contributing to the success of the organization. We are offering tons of learning possibilities instead and every internship is tailored to the goals and needs of the interning person. Yes, but... We are aware that this can create a bigger opportunity gap for less privileged applicants and we are working on making more revenue so we can invest it back in talents. However unpaid internships also allows us to give unexperienced applicants the chance to learn and make first working experience, which we could not afford if we would pay salaries. Yes, but... We are also aware that especially women are raised to do more unpaid work so rest assured we are making it a priority to pay everyone contributing to our success as soon as possible for us.

Who can apply?

Everyone. Woman, man, however you identify yourself, wherever you come from, whatever goals you have in life. Just English is an absolute requirement.

How is working at the female factor?

Thanks for asking. Feel free to check out the video our awesome team compiled for our birthday, giving you a first understanding why they love working with us. Besides that, we are all remotely-organized with flexible working hours and time off whenever you need it. We are all high-achievers giving our best to contribute to our mission while enjoying life and having fun. We all love supporting each other and the next generation of female leaders, and we equally love having (virtual) afterworks with a glass of wine.