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our experiences are a game-changer.

We truly believe that applied knowledge is power.


Our masterclasses, success circles and limitless conferences are designed to impart a great deal of know-how in a compact period of time. We want you to have hands-on advice you instantly can implement in your daily professional and private life and see immediate results. 


Meet the right people, make friends, level up your skills and did we mention the great atmosphere? Sounds about right, right? ;) 

As part of our inner circle, you're invited to our curated get-togethers allowing you to connect with like-minded and ambitious individuals.

Are you ready to change your game? 

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Our events are part of the inner circle. Members can join masterclasses, success circles and our limitless conferences free of charge. Nevertheless spots are limited and are given away on a first come, first served basis. 

If you're not a member yet, you can join us here.

If you wanna get actively involved in hosting a masterclass as an expert, lead a success circle or speak at our limitless conference, please find all the information on the sub-pages. 

Tailor-made content for women  to advance their personal and professional development led by real experts.

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Connect with like-minded women and develop a real peer circle to support each other and grow together.

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One full day dedicated to your growth, packed with masterclasses and guided networking.

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Check out our FAQ below or drop us a line, we're answering all your questions.

F A Q s

How can I become a member?

Just head over to our membership site and learn everything.

What is included in the membership?

As a member of the inner circle you become part of our curated community, you can take part in our mentoring program with exceptional leaders, and access our impactful events. You will get the chance to exchange directly with like-minded and ambitious individuals who are also eager to learn. Learn more here.

Can anyone become a member?

We are an open community welcoming every woman who strives to advance her career or business and is looking for inspiration, a strong network and the chance to develop her professional and personal skills. However, as we are dedicated to create opportunities for our members, that's why we work on an referral/application-only basis. This allows us to keep our offers and network relevant to every woman involved.You can apply to become a member here.

How can I participate in an event?

Easy! If you're an inner circle member, we send you the invite codes which you can register with via e-mail or post it directly in our online community. If you haven't received our mails, let us know! You're not a member yet? Well, better consider becoming one and participate in our events for free (*jej*). We send you all the instructions later on. Become a member now. You're still not convinced becoming a member (like whyyyy?) but you seriously wanna attend one of our happenings? Ok great (although we are a bit disappointed to be honest), there is a non-members fee for most of our happenings. Just sign up.

What exactly is a success circle?

Our success circles are small groups of members of the same profession eg a coaching circle, one for founders, but we also encourage passionate members to start and lead their own circle around specific topics, such as mindfulness, productivity, purpose and such. Circle leaders will set the framework and invite our members, we advise to meet once a month digitally or physically. If you're interested in leading your own circle, please find all the information here.

What is the limitless conference?

The limitless conference is our biggest event experience, hosting from 150 to 600+ ambitious women around a specific topic to help each other grow professionally and personally, taking part off- and online.