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we are a global community for the next generation of female leaders advancing careers and creating business opportunities.










about us.

We are enabling the next generation of female leaders to get their seat at the table by boosting confidence, competence, & connections.

No matter your goal - whether you want to work towards that promotion, settle in a new environment, change professions, write that book, start your own business, or just want to be surrounded by other kickass women - we have your back.


Our tailor-made opportunity journey is designed for women like you to get you ahead with the right mentors, hands-on career knowledge, confidence training, and a great network of like-minded people.

Mentoring is the single most powerful way to accelerate your career.


Access to experienced role models and leaders within and beyond your industry can completely change your game.  ​Our six-month mentoring program is equipping you with the kind of hands-on knowledge you can immediately put to use. Our hand-picked mentors are from across Europe and beyond, offering expertise in a vast number of fields and topics. Find the right mentor today to inspire, challenge, connect and develop yourself based on your interests and needs.