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The female factor is the leading community for ambitious women. No matter at which stage of life or on which rung of the career ladder they stand. We support driven women from various backgrounds in paving their path towards fulfillment in their career and personal life by providing dedicated workshops, mentorship and get-togethers with like-minded people.

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Looking for tailored guidance? Mentors find ways to stimulate your personal and professional growth like no one else. They offer encouragement and help keep you going.

In a one-year mentoring program our members benefit from individual feedback and advice in a safe environment. Our selected mentors are from across Europe and beyond, offering expertise in a vast number of fields and topics.


Find the right mentor today to inspire, stretch, connect and develop you based on your interests and needs.

You're a true go-getter, ready to unleash your full potential? All you need is a little kick in your butt and a strong circle that supports you on your endeavor? Sounds about right for us! 


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