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how to find your dream job in 2024 - a step by step guide

Finding your dream job…we are often hearing this and only the thought of it makes our mind wonder. “How can I achieve this?”, “What’s my superpower?” or “How do I know I am the right one for this position?”

We get it, asking yourself questions is normal, especially during the job hunt, but questioning yourself is not. Self-doubt does nothing but hinder your confidence, competence and the ability of making meaningful connections and trust us when we say you’ll need all these three powers when embarking on your career change journey. By allowing order to enter in your life, you’ll not only find a balance and an undeniable peace of mind, but will discover your true passion, strengths and power.

To support and empower you in this process, we’ve tailored a step-by-step guide not only on how to get that dream job, but discover yourself along the way. Enough talking, let’s get #thatjob.

1. get clear on your values

Knowing your values is helping you understand what’s important to you and has a significant impact on both your personal and professional life. Sit down and have a sincere conversation with yourself and discover what is it that matters to you, what is your 'why' and what are the things that ‘’feel right” for you?

By engaging in this self- awareness exercise, you will get more clarity on your priorities, will make more ethical decisions and will choose only those opportunities which are in alignment with your most-prized beliefs. Don’t know where to start? You can use our workbook as a starting point in this self-discovery journey.

2. define your strengths (and weaknesses)

Now that you've got to the core of what really matters to you, defining your strengths (and weaknesses) is what follows. Since these traits are not mutually exclusive, you have to learn to embrace their duality and make them work for you.

If your strengths are what makes you confident and more relaxed in social situations, weaknesses shouldn’t be seen as an impediment for your progress. Bringing attention to these traits requires self-reflection again but once you’ve taken the time to do so, you’ll get a clearer image on where you stand in your career game.

3. dream big & set career goals

The "fake it till you make it” model might not work for everybody, but nobody says you can’t dream big. In fact, by imagining where you eventually want to get one day, you’ll most certainly get an ambition boost. Part of this process is setting career goals, without having these, staying motivated is rather difficult. We designed a workbook to help you define what your goals are career-wise and we kindly encourage you to be bold and dream big. You’ll thank us later. 😉

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4. upskill if necessary

Once you know where you are heading, assess if your big goal requires any upskilling. Holding the same importance as powerskills, technical skills are not to be overlooked. No matter the industry you are working in, keeping your technical skills relevant and updated is crucial. Not only does it give you a professional advantage, but it enables you to have confidence and flexibility in your work. Through watching YouTube videos, taking online courses or participating in masterclasses you can upskill and leverage your profile amongst other applicants.

5. upgrade your cv

The CV is one of the most important documents in your job search and it is what makes the recruiters decide if you might be a fit for the job. Applicants often spend a lot of time tailoring the perfect CV, but did you know that the recruiter’s glance at it only takes…7 seconds?

In this case, first impressions really matter and given the limited time you have to demonstrate that you are the right candidate, upgrading your CV is a step you don’t want to miss. If you fancy a second opinion, we can take a look – join the inner circle and you get a free cv check at no extra cost.

6. prepare your linkedin profile

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network on the internet.

See the potential you’ve got there? This should be enough of a reason to not neglect your online presence. Use LinkedIn as an extension of your CV and a manner to better express your personality. Since the CV should be a formal document, you can use LinkedIn to present yourself in a relaxed, informal, yet professional manner. Don’t hesitate to connect to top professionals, follow people in your industry whom you look up to or write about subjects that you are passionate about and outside your work. Check our guide on how to build your online presence on LinkedIn developed by HR and personal branding experts.

7. build your network

A study reveals that around 85% of jobs are filled through networking. Therefore, it’s needless to say you are making a huge mistake by not investing in connections. Doing this is going to comfort your sense of belonging in a community of like-minded members, get support & resources for your next career move and get you out of your comfort zone. Are you wondering where to even begin looking for such a community? You can join the inner circle at the female factor to engage with strong women in various industries and make connections all around the world.

8. get a mentor/sponsor

An African poem says “If you want to go fast, go alone. if you want to go far, go together”. Asking and getting help should never be seen as a sign of weakness or incompetence. More often than not, it helps you achieve your goals faster and in a more balanced and harmonious way. Mentoring gives you access to industry leaders and first-hand knowledge. Not sure where you find a mentor for yourself? Check out our mentoring program and learn how to apply here!

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9. find your perfect job match

After completing all the above-mentioned steps in this thorough guide, it’s fair enough to say you are ready for your next career move.

Before applying to the desired position, it’s advised to analyze the respective position prospects and opportunities and the company benefits and culture. Although it’s important to research about a future employer, it’s difficult to understand if the employer is considering equal opportunities, equal pay and the needs of women in the workplace.

Since we don’t believe this should be more challenging than it already is and powered by our mission to get more female leaders a seat at the table, we launched the next generation job platform for female talents.

We have hand-picked job opportunities from inclusive employers pledging to especially support women in the workplace. To ensure the quality of the employers, our team vetted every single company according to criteria points and listed their jobs ads only if they ticked all the below mentioned features:

  • diverse leadership team

  • diversity & inclusion goals in place

  • employee benefits offered

  • presence and positive reviews across career platforms

Finding the right job opportunity at the right company is not easy, but we would like to believe it’s now easier.

Since career performance is a source of fulfillment in our lives, landing a job which allows you to bring your best self to work and put your skills into practice is not asking for too much.

We hoped this guide will help you discover your through worth, give you a well-deserved confidence boost and rediscover your value. We are strong believers that female factors deserve to be cherished and given more space in our professional lives. We are here to support you in your personal and professional journey and to invite you to join the movement.


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