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goal setting for career success made easy

go beyond wishing and set goals to achieve your success

why goal setting is changing the game.

Wondering why so many of the world's brilliant ideas never seem to materialize into the success we all know we deserve? Well, we might be in need of putting pen to paper (or, well, fingers to keyboard) and formulating some clear objectives.   

Yes, it's backed by science: people who go beyond wishing or ideating and set goals to achieve success at a much higher & faster right.

This goal setting guide is brought to you by Meister, a fast-growing productivity company that creates stunningly-designed, team-focused software for collaboration.

The guide contains examples of their most popular product, MindMeister, an online mindmapping tool which has over 25 million users around the globe. Use these mind maps to brainstorm your goals, define your milestones and create a visual path to goal success.

10 x

more likely to be successful when you set goals


goals outperform non-tangible ones

65 %

better chance to stick to a goal if you commit to someone else

If you're an aspiring female leader ready to take the next step in your career, goal setting can be a crucial factor for success. Goal setting can be most beneficial if you're currently: 

 seeking a new job opportunity

 eager to land in a new industry, role or location

 launching your side project or business

 fundraising for your company

 building your own brand

Now, what are you waiting for?

We gathered coaching and leadership experts' tips and recommendations on how to set the right goals - no matter which professional endeavor you're on.

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Download our free checklist for goal setting and learn why:

✓ scheduling specific actions help you

✓ conscious decisions are key 

✓ planning ahead is crucial for success

✓ finding an accountability buddy helps

the female factor career success

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"People are at the heart of the Meister philosophy and goal-setting is essential to our success. We're proud to partner with the female factor, a step we're sure will drive us to the next level of female empowerment.” 

Rabea Thies
head of people and culture

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