nail your next career move.

Plan your career, grow and market your skills through our career success program.

9 sessions

on-demand content around confidence, career competence & connections

curated participants

from 47+ countries ready to nail their next career move and grow together

5 global experts

sharing their career knowledge and passing on their insights & tips

start preparing for your future today.

You're an achiever.

A go-getter.

Passionate, creative, driven.

Made to succeed.


But sometimes we all struggle to see the greatness in ourselves and especially to 'sell' it to others. Knowing your worth and being able to communicate it externally is crucial for career success. 

Depending on where you are on your personal opportunity journey you might be occupied with questions like: 

 do I have what it takes for that job or promotion?

 is it possible to apply my skill set to a new role, industry, or in a new country?

 I know what I can bring to the table but how can I sell my profile properly?

 how can I stand out amongst all other candidates or colleagues? 


in a competitive environment you need to stand out.

Our research-backed career success program brings together all the career tools you need to understand your options, choose your best path forward, build the skills you’ll need to succeed, and show employers why they should hire or promote you.


Through 9 modules focused on personal growth development, career training and upskilling, the program will help you figure out where you want to go, how to get there, and how to stand out from the crowd.


From start to finish, the program will help you transform your dreams and career goals into reality: success as you define it.

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our research-backed modules have been developed together with HR & coaching experts

focus on

getting things done


we all need a little push sometimes, so our formats are easy to digest and hands-on  

live & on-demand


we know we are all busy, so you can pick between live or on-demand sessions anytime 



easily connect with other future leaders across borders: your network is your net worth.

direct access to jobs of partner companies

as we are working together with pioneering companies like Google and diverse startups

certificate upon completion

additionally to a fancy certificate you will receive a recommendation on linkedin

reasons to join this program.


"It was great to get an expert's perspective on my resume and my linkedin profile. After going through the check provided by the female factor I instantly landed my next job - coincidence? ;)"

Sophie Stiglmayer
Account Executive PR & Social Media
 Hopscotch Europe, Ireland

some of the experts we are working with.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Here’s an outline of what you’ll have achieved by the end of the program:

✅ become more confident in owning your greatness

✅ figure out what makes you unique and marketable

 broaden your network across industries, professions and countries

 generate more career opportunities

Alongside the standard career equipment such as:

 a standout resume and cover letter

 a top-notch linkedin profile 

 clear career goal setting and actions planned

 preparation to master your interviews and negotiations

 understanding your values and your strengths

Surefire ways to convince your (future) employer of what you already know: you are kickass. 


the timeline.



values & strengths

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with Google



cv & linkedin







connections 101



connecting to yourself



facilitate connections


The fine print:

The timeline is subject to change. You can apply to join the program at any time. In case you can't join a live session while being part of the program, the content will be accessible on-demand.

is our career success program right for you?


for professionals

with the feeling that there is "more out there" for you

spoiler: there is!

job applicants


you've been applying for jobs but you're not getting noticed and having troubles landing an interview


career change

you would like to get started in a different field or country or you're coming back after a break


hunting for a promotion


you want to be prepared when it comes to taking the next step or for negotiating a raise or promotion


The program requires a minimum time investment of 1-2 hours per week (4-6 hours per month) from your side in order to deliver real results! We are supporting you on this success journey, but we cannot put in the work for you. 

how to join the program.

In order to join our career success program an application is required to ensure the right fit and necessary preparation from our side.

Once your application is approved you can decide if you would like to join the program only for a participation fee of 249 € or you can opt-in into our inner circle membership to enjoy all our benefits and services for a membership fee of 299 € (one-time).

You can see the details below and in our terms and conditions.

career success program

for future female leaders eager to create their dream careers through guided modules and community support.

the career success program


6-month access to our career program


personalized career feedback

through group coaching


6-month access to our digital community for future female leaders


free participation in our masterclasses & workshops

for the duration of the program


career bundle resources incl cv & linkedin checks


free pass to upcoming limitless conference


personalized opportunity assessment & resources

one-time payment only

already a member? join for free by applying through the members hub

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the inner circle

for future female leaders eager to take their ambitions to all-new heights through all our tailor-made services.

the inner circle membership


all perks of the career success program


access to our global mentoring program

connecting with 150+ global leaders


access to all our career & leadership programs

to accelerate your career


featured members' spotlight

to showcase job seekers, accomplishments or businesses


warm introductions to global decision-makers

to hr leaders, investors or business partners


unlimited access to our digital community for female leaders


free participation for all our masterclasses & workshops


career bundle resources incl cv & linkedin checks


free pass to our limitless conferences


personalized opportunity assessment & resources


access to partner perks

or 29 € per month in instalments

already a member? join for free by applying through the members hub

discover all our career resources. 



Invest in yourself today.

It'll change your game - forever.


Drop us a line, we're answering all your questions.

F A Q s

Are there any costs to join?

Yes, once your application is approved, you'll receive a payment link with a one-time payment of 249 €. Alternatively you can opt-in to join the female factor as a member including all our offers and services. The membership costs less than 1 € per day. Currently we are offering a one-time payment plan (299 €) or instalments at 29€ monthly (at 29 €) for 12 months. The choice is totally up to you. Of course, you’re fully protected by our money-back guarantee. If you decide the membership isn’t right for you, just let us know within the first 14 days and we’ll give you a 100% refund. It’s that simple. All our memberships can be canceled at any time if you're not actively participating in one of our running programs, otherwise will be renewed automatically. Please note, membership fees already paid are not refundable after the initial 14-day trial. You can read more about our terms and conditions here. Please head over to our members hub if you wish to pause or cancel your membership.

What is included in the program?

As a program participant you get access to our monthly masterclassess to our curated community for the duraction of the program. You'll receive all the recources and workbooks and you'll have the chance for group feedback and you'll get matched with an accountability buddy on the same journey as you are.

How can I join the program?

Great that you ask. To join the career succes program, just go ahead and click one of the application buttons above and let us know why you think this program is right for you. Once we reviewed and approved your application you have basically two choices: Choosing the program only (currently runs at 249 € per seat) or opting in for the female factor membership (299 € including all offers and programs). The choice is up to you.

How can I pay for the membership and can I get an invoice for my company?

Currently we only support payments via credit card. In some cases we can also send you an invoice and you can pay via bank transfer. And yes, we do offer invoices for your company, which you can download in our members hub. In case you are interested in getting a membership through or for your company, we offer special packages as well. Please get in touch with us.

Do you offer any discounts for students?

Yes, we do encourage ambitious female students and we want to support you on your way to become a female leader. To access our students offers please reach out to us directly.

Can anyone join the program?

We are an open community welcoming every woman who strives to accelerate her career to get a seat at the table and is looking for inspiration, a strong network and the chance to develop her skills. The program is perfectly designed for the needs of today's job seekers and those who are eager to get promoted, a raise or want to change careers. In any case and to ensure the right fit, an application is required to join the program.

What is included in the inner circle membership?

As a member you get access to all our services advancing your career and supporting you in our business growth. Our membership is build upon our three core pillars: confidence, competence and connections - helping you succeed. You can take part in our global mentoring program with 150+ mentors, get access to our curated community, and our career and business recources like cv checks and personal branding programs. Your membership includes unlimited access to our high-impact masterclasses, exclusive members-only events with high-calibre speakers and our limitless conference for up to 600+ female leaders. To further support you in your career development, we offer success circles pairing you with women in a similar profession or industry, one-on-one expert sessions and partner perks.