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identify your strengths for career success

define your strengths and learn to work with your weaknesses for career advancement

play to your strengths.

Have you ever taken the time to really evaluate your strengths? Ever wondered how to emphasise your strong sides during interviews?

Knowing your strengths is helping you run the career game. Knowing and communicating your personal and professional strengths allows you to go through life more confidently and leads to higher job satisfaction.

Attention to your strengths also:

fosters a new appreciation for yourself

elevates your chances to get promoted

significantly improves your people skills

Defining your strengths is especially useful if you're currently:

 seeking a new job opportunity or just starting out

 eager to land in a new industry, role or location

 launching your side project or business

 building your own brand 

 re-entering the job market after a break (for any reason)

Now, what are you waiting for?

We gathered coaching experts' tips and recommendations on how to find and phrase your strengths to reach your professional and personal goals. 

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Download our free 6-step strengths workbook to easily identify your strengths & weaknesses for workplace success including:

✓ guiding questions to identify your strengths

✓ processes helping you to understand your strengths

✓ reflection prompts for easier evaluation

✓ recommendations of personality tests

to complement your learnings

the female factor career success

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"It's funny - mostly you're not even aware of your own superpowers, just because they are coming to you so easily, you don't think, being good at this is a big deal. 

Sometimes an external opinion, eg from your friends, coworkers, family or a coach can help to put your talents and strengths into perspective."

Tanja Sternbauer
the female factor

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