build self-trust to advance your career

trust yourself and your abilities and use it for professional advancement

why self-trust is key to career success.

Being able to trust yourself and your judgement is paramount in building lasting relationships and ensuring productivity in the workplace. Having faith in your own powers not only enables you to make better decisions, it’s also a sign for others that they can count on you to lead. Beyond having the right skills, your chances to succeed highly depend on your confidence in the fact that you can make it happen.

Self-trust is essential, and the numbers prove it:


of people fail to secure a new job because they are doubting themselves


of people lack confidence to ask for a pay rise


of people fear asking their manager for time off they are owed

Building your self-trust is especially powerful if you're currently:

 seeking a new job opportunity or just starting out

 trying to increase your creativity 

 launching your side project or business

 building your own brand 

 re-entering the job market after a break (for any reason)

Now, what are you waiting for?

We gathered coaching experts' tips and recommendations on how to cultivate self-trust to reach your professional and personal goals. 

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Download our free self-trust workbook to strengthen your confidence for workplace success:

✓ tips & tricks for better decision-making

✓ exercises to develop and work on new habits

✓ question prompts to boost your self-compassion 

✓ guided self-reflection exercises

the female factor career success

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"I do believe self-trust can be built just like any other skill. Try to focus on your achievements. Big or small-all your victories matter. This will lead to a positive feeling about your life. Developing self-trust means that you will be able to grow confidently and successfully."

Tanja Sternbauer
the female factor

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