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If you've dealt with the pressure of a job hunt (and let's be honest, who hasn't?!), then you've most certainly also asked yourself how to actually build a top-notch CV - you know, the kind that really gets you a call-back?

7 seconds

are spent checking your cv on average

43 %

of CV’s are discarded because they are written in third person

17 %

of hiring managers have a problem with a cv that is longer than 2 pages

A top-notch cv is obviously crucial if you're currently on the job hunt, but you should especially consider checking it once more if you're:

re-inventing yourself 

 eager to land in a new industry

 trying to start over in a new city, country or region

 starting out building your career

 re-entering the job market after a break (for any reason)

Now, what are you waiting for?

We gathered HR and personal branding experts' tips and recommendations on how to make your cv stand out - no matter which professional goal you're following.

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✓ enhance your personal brand

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"It was great to get an expert's perspective on my resume and my linkedin profile. After going through the check provided by the female factor I instantly landed my next job - coincidence? ;)"

Sophie Stiglmayer
Account Executive PR & Social Media
Hopscotch Europe, Ireland

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