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use self-talk for career success

find techniques to guide your inner voice in the right direction

the power of self-talk.

Whenever you are talking during a job interview, you know that every single word matters. The words you say to yourself matter in the same way.  

The language we use to refer to ourselves shapes our character and determines the way we handle challenging situations. We must choose what we share with our subconscious mind carefully. 

By making positive self-talk your habit, you will notice:

lowered stress & anxiety

improved performance

professional growth

People are mostly not even aware of the words they say to themselves, yet our internal speech can determine our quality of life. 

Talking to yourself positively can: 

 make you feel better mentally and physically 

improve your productvity 

 help you build conflict resolution skills

 cultivate a positive self-image 

 create a resilient character 

Do you want to excel in your career through positive self-talk?

We asked experts and coaches to share some tips and recommendations on how you can turn your inner voice into a powerful tool.

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Download our free self-talk workbook to build a resilient, powerful character step by step through:

✓ reflection exercises  

✓  better insights into your inner wolrd 

✓ positive self talk phrases 

✓ expert advice and bonus tips

the female factor career success

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"Your inner-voice can help you build your power no matter what obstacles you are dealing with. I usually ask my mentees if they remember a situation when they were successful. What did it look like? 

How did it feel? 

Then I ask to bring that feeling into the present moment. You can turn such an observation into a habit."

Tanja Sternbauer
active mentor & co-founder
the female factor

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