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How Mentoring Can Make a Difference: a Mentor's Perspective

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

We all live in a hyper-connected world, where networking has become crucial to succeed in any kind of industry. Fortunately, we can rely on people’s most human aspects to #makeit and reach our goals: solidarity, generosity and mutual support. This is basically the essence of mentorship, which is based on a strong relationship where a more experienced role model helps others make their way in their professional life. But why does someone become a mentor and how can she/he assist you?

We asked Alisa Eresina, one of our most dedicated and involved mentors, to answer some questions and share her experience with the community in order to give some insights on what you should expect from a mentoring program.

First things first, how did it all start?

Alisa chose to become a mentor because, as the female factor does as well, she believes in rising by lifting others. Furthermore, she explains that her ”core mission is to help others step into their ultimate potential”, so which better way to do it if not to become a mentor? However, helping others does not mean helping anyone, there must be mutual effort and what Alisa asks her mentees are three things: “full presence, full honesty and full ownership”.

What’s Alisa’s mentoring approach?

Being a mentor means supporting people at the “best of her capabilities” while “respecting personal boundaries” and sharing what she holds being true. However, she also possesses what is definitely a superpower: shapeshifting according to your needs and and the ability to walk you through a unique experience “challenging you when need it, reminding you of your self-worth when you forget, and empowering you to find solutions where there are seemingly none”. Undeniably, this approach ensures to provide her mentees with a tailor-made experience built specifically for them, avoiding ineffective guidance which has less probabilities to improve one’s performance and effectiveness.

The most challenging advice to follow?

For Alisa, the advice that revealed to be the most demanding for her mentees, but also the main quality of an extraordinary leader, is to trust fully oneself and the flow of life”. Undoubtedly, confidence is one of the aspects of life where everyone struggles sometimes, but boosting it is also the first step to unleash your own potential.

Rewards and challenges of being a mentor?

"We should always remember that mentors are humans too and they also face challenges in this role". However, Alisa states that for her the main one is developing a real human interaction, explaining that all of them, mentor or not, are equally complex and exciting. Moreover, she stresses that she loves “the play of breaking our chains, and witnessing others in their full beauty and magnificent rising greatness”.

Have you stayed in contact with your mentee?

"I still keep in touch with my former mentee via the female factor community in success circles and digitally, shouting out her successes and victories."

A piece of advice for friends who want to follow your path in this experience?

For Alisa the only real advice is no advice, “just follow your heart” and a special quote from Tony Robbins: "the real secret to living, is giving". However, that does not only apply to mentors, but it does on all of us. Giving is in our nature and helping others doesn’t only make us happy and feel important for someone, but it also puts some more love in our troubled world, making it a better place, little by little, step by step, together.

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Alisa Eresina

Women-Centered Leadership Coach | Entrepreneur | Facilitator | Speaker | Consultant | Podcaster

Alisa Eresina is an expert in women empowerment, personal transformation & leadership. She is a coach, speaker, entrepreneur, yoga teacher, facilitator, consultant and podcaster. Her work focuses on empowering women to step into their full potential and harness the power of the female cycle to live a vibrant life they love. During her academic career in business and socio-ecological economics and policy, she focused on various aspects of mindfulness in work and economics. In the past years, she worked with various individuals and organizations through her coaching programs, workshops and retreats. Her approach is holistic and ranges from positive psychology, NLP, somatic bodywork, Buddhist, yogic and tantric teachings and more. Alisa’s mission is to help others step into their ultimate potential and elevate human consciousness.

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