How to attend our limitless conference for free*

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Yes, we know you're here because something in the caption said *FREE*, we're not judging ;) But since you're here already, we just wanted to outline a bit of our story and why we are hosting this awesome conference.

Why we picked the money theme

Women will control $72 trillion of the world’s investible wealth by 2020. But we still score lower than men on financial literacy measures.

The limitless experience aims to close this knowledge gap by equipping the next generation of women with the right tools they need to make informed decisions on how to save and invest their money.

Our promise is to prepare all attendees to make informed decisions about your money so you can live the life you deserve. See our headliners and our masterclasses on our website:

Why we are doing what we are doing

You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with.​

Being connected (and even better: being friends) with driven women all over the world with the same go-getter mentality that inspire and empower each other, has always been on our vision boards. And let's be honest, it can be kinda hard to spot those people. So our big aim was to create a community that attracts exactly these kind of women, these incredible individuals we wanna be friends with. These kind of women, that rise by lifting others.

We believe it needs knowledge and network paired with the right mindset to unlock a women's full potential.

We see our community as opportunity-creator, enabling women to unlock their full potential by giving them access to knowledge, mentors and a driven peer-group.

Creating a close-knit circle

Our community is member-based, which means to make use of all our services and products women need to become members, which allows us to ensure a dedicated community. (You see where this is going?)

As an inner circle member (this is how we call it), you get:

  • access to our international mentoring program with 150+ leaders

  • free attendance to all our masterclasses, teaching you different aspects to succeed in your personal and professional life

  • access to our digital community to connect with peers and female leaders

  • discounted tools & perks of our awesome partners

  • free coworking options in our awesome space in Talent Garden Vienna

  • an exclusive invitation to our limitless conference (YES YOU READ RIGHT, as an inner circle member you get FREE access to our conference)

We would brag that our membership has a value of thousands of euros, but it's really hard to put it in numbers ;)

Are you ready to join? Our membership starts at 29€ / month.

Become a member now!

Still looking for the free ticket part?

So.. you didn't read through the nice article here? Fine, here's the summary:

Become a female factor member now and get your free access ticket to our limitless conference. Yes, that easy and definitely an investment worth making.

How to get your free ticket in 3 easy steps:

  1. Become a female factor member here

  2. Get your access code via mail instantly

  3. Sign up for your free limitless conference ticket

Magic, right?

Questions, feel free to reach out to us! Find all the information around the conference on our website:

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Yes, you're kickass. 

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