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5 negotiation tips for beginners

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Men and women negotiate in different ways. Negotiation skills are crucial in the closing of any successful business deal and knowing how to negotiate can bring you success in both your professional and personal life. These 5 tricks are tailor-made especially for you ladies, to help you shine in your next negotiation!

5 negotiation tips for women
5 negotiation tips for women

1. know the game

You’ve surely heard stereotypes such as “men are better negotiators” or “women are too emotional for rational decision making”. While there are gender differences in the way how we make decision and approach problems, this does not mean that women cannot excel in negotiations. It is important for women to be aware of these stereotypes and to know how to work with them. An effective trick when going into a negotiation is getting confident with your subject. Go in thinking “I know what I want and I am going to get it!” to boost you negotiation power.

2. keep a positive attitude

We often tend to think of negotiating as two opposing sides trying to fight for their individual benefit. It is, however, much more productive if we looks at a negotiation as a discussion, where the end goal is to find a compromise that benefits both sides. This way the negotiation becomes more constructive and both sides are more likely to leave the table satisfied.

3. use your intuition

Women are more responsive to the emotions of others. They are better at identifying them and working with them. Use this in your advantage. Notice the person you are negotiating with, how is he feeling? Nervous, angry or confident? Noticing and responding to the emotional state of the opposing side is also a way of increasing your negotiation power.

4. define who you’re fighting for

Women are better in negotiations when they are fighting for someone else. For men this is not the case. Therefore, to get a boost of motivation for your next negotiation, simply consider who you are fighting for.

5. don’t underestimate yourself

Women have the tendency to underestimate their capabilities. When it comes to negotiations, don’t be afraid to fight much harder than you think is appropriate. You fought for your place at the negotiation table for a reason and now it’s time to fight to get what you want.

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