A warm welcome from Talent Garden Vienna! With becoming a member of the female factor, you have made an important step to your personal and professional development. To help your business evolve even further, we are happy to offer you special conditions when you join the innovative community of Talent Garden.


At Talent Garden, we believe in a connected Europe and with more than 21 campuses in 7 countries, we can offer you exactly that. Meet like-minded people within the European network and connect with potential business partners in the startup ecosystem - all within an innovative working atmosphere that will help your business to grow.​ At Talent Garden Vienna you will find inspiring coworking spaces as well as the Talent Garden Innovation School, where you can learn popular digital skills, under one roof.


coworking to get things done.

Need a fresh place to work?

Level up your business at the female factor space at Talent Garden Vienna. We believe in sharing to achieve: With a membership at the female factor, you get access to our exclusive female-preferred coworking space designed by women for women at Talent Garden.




















Sounds interesting? The female factor and Talent Garden offer you:

  • 15% discount on all Talent Garden memberships

  • 24h access all day, every day (depending on your membership)

  • access to our female factor coworking space on the 5th floor with a super-cozy couch corner which is perfect for meetings or creative breaks

  • Did we mention free coffee?


By the way: Talent Garden is open 24h all day every day for members and is located right near major metro- and tram-stations at Liechtensteinstraße 111-115 in 1090 Vienna.


So how can you get on board?

If you're already in the inner circle of the female factor, just send us an e-mail at cowo@femalefactor.global to receive your invite code. If not, join our community here. It's that easy!

Also, check out the website of Talent Garden Vienna for more information and to book your tour now.


If you want to have your own workspace at a special rate at Talent Garden Vienna, please contact the dedicated Community Manager Raphael via raphael.jochmann@talentgarden.com or +43 660 5292492.



innovation school

Master digital skills at Talent Garden Innovation School.

Do you want to learn digital marketing, coding data analysis or UX-Design? We got you covered. With your membership at the female factor, you receive 15% off all workshops or programs. Check out the upcoming online courses at Talent Garden Innovation School now and enhance your digital knowledge!


In case you are interested in one of our Talent Garden Innovation School courses, please reach out to Innovation School Director Stefan Bauer: stefan.bauer@talentgarden.com.



Invest in yourself today.

It'll change your game - forever.


Check out our FAQ below or drop us a line, we're answering all your questions.

F A Q s

What exactly is the female factor inner circle membership?

The female factor inner cirlce is a curated community of female changemakers. As a member, you get access to our tailor-made masterclasses, exclusive events and access to world class mentors. You also benefit from our partnerships like the one with Talent Garden. (Stay tuned, there's even more to come.) Check out our membership page for further information and join us today!

What is included in the membership?

As a member you can take part in our global mentoring program, get access to our curated community, you can join the high-impact masterclasses and also have the chance to attend our exclusive members-only events with high-caliber speakers.

Can everyone become a member?

Yes, we are an open community welcoming anyone who strives to unleash their full potential and is looking for inspiration, a strong network and the chance to develop their skills.

How can I pay for the membership and can I get an invoice for my company?

You can pay via credit card, PayPal or "Sofortüberweisung". In some cases we can also send you an invoice and you can pay via bank transfer. And yes, we do offer invoices for your company. Just send us a message after your purchase.

How much does a membership cost and do you offer any discounts for students?

Please find the pricing on our membership page. We do encourage ambitious female students and we want to support you on your way to become a female leader. To access our students membership please reach out to us directly.

How can I sign up for a Talent Garden membership?

As part of of the female factor community, send us an e-mail at cowo@femalefactor.global – we'll provide you with an invitation-code (which offers a 20 % discount) and all further information. You can check the membership options at Talent Garden here.

What exactly is a Talent Garden membership?

Talent Garden is the leading European digital community which offers coworking spaces, offices and digital trainings. As a member, you get access to the coworking space, meeting rooms, event spaces and the awesome creative community.

How can I join you in the female factor coworking space?

Just send us an e-mail at cowo@femalefactor.global if you're part of the community and you'll receive your invite code as well as all further steps in no time. If you're not part of the community yet, click here to join us.

How can I join the coworking sessions?

Simply hit us with an e-mail at cowo@femalefactor.global. The sessions take place every Wednesday from 9 am to 6 pm and are free to join for all inner circle members.

Are there any other coworking spaces by the female factor available outside of Vienna?

Yes! Talent Garden has 26 campuses in eight countries and when you sign up for a membership in Vienna, you get access to all of them – no matter if you're in Austria, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Ireland or anywhere else across Europe. You can find a list of all campuses here.

What exactly is the Talent Garden Innovation School?

The Talent Garden Innovation School is an innovative platform for learning digital skills. It offers full- and part-time bootcamps as well as masterclasses for everything from coding to digital marketing. You can find the full list of course-offerings here.