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We believe to succeed in life, women need the right mindset, applied knowledge and an empowering network to help one grow. Our success circles are designed to group ambitious women around one topic or profession and support each other in this area. The circle leader is responsible for the facilitation of the circle, inviting matching members and shaping the discussions. 


As go-to-points for the go(al)-getters in their local communities, our success circles don’t only inspire our inner circle members to become their best selves, but they also enable them to connect & build their network.

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We collaborate with heart-centered ambitious women who share our values and believe that mutual support and community are key factors for happiness and growth.


We’re looking for women passionate about their profession or a specific topic, eager to share their experience and empower others through contribution and exchange. 

Ruth Gabler-Schachermayr

career mums

success circle leader

As founder of the initiative CareerMum Ruth's mission is to empower other mothers (to be) in their career and business development. 

Maria-Theresia Dippon

coaches & trainers

success circle leader

Maria-Theresia is founder of Verrück dich, and an initiative called Wohnzimmer Coaching, uniting coaches and supporting each other.


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use your expertise to empower women and support them in driving change, impacting their surroundings and working towards changing the world

gain exposure to our global network of female talents and connect with ambitious professionals & acclaimed experts from diverse industries

we support all the logistics and promotion of your circle (on- or offline), so you can focus on delivering the best content in the best atmosphere

shared revenue for memberships sold through your network

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career mums

Supporting each other during parenthood.

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coaches & trainers

Coaches supporting each other in overcome challenges.

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We are open to all professions and across all topics. 

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Check out our FAQ below or drop us a line, we're answering all your questions.

F A Q s

How can I become a success leader?

Jej, so great that you are considering leading a success circle of your choice. Please follow the steps above and just simply apply here.

Can anyone become a success circle leader?

Technically yes, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to use their passion for good and give back to the community with their experience and knowhow. However, we are asking every interested woman to apply to evaluate if there is a fit. Also, to be a success leader you need to be an active inner circle member. You can become a member here.

Do I get paid for becoming a circle leader?

Please note, being a success circle leader is not a paid job. A success circle leader is deeply motivated by enabling others and open up an honest conversation about a certain profession or topic and the challenges coming with it. However through our referral program you have the opportunity to earn money through every member brought into our community.

What exactly is a success cirlce?

A success circle is a small group of women that meets to discuss reglular challenges and experiences around a certain profession or topic, such as coaches, mindfulness, startups or finance. Usually our sucess circles meet on a monthly basis either digitally or offline. A success circle is always led by at least one circle leader, that is very passionate about or experienced in the circle topic. Learn more about success circles here.