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boost your

uplevel your confidence to succeed in the workplace. 

It's proven. Research says that the #1 factor of success for female leaders is CONFIDENCE

We all know the struggles: 

am I good enough to ask for that promotion or the raise? 

 not sure, if I have what it takes to start my own project or business. 

 what if I fail? 

Confident Businesswoman

dare to be bold - time to trust yourself. 

By working closely with thousands of future female leaders like yourself we know exactly how you feel and it was about time to break that cycle of insecurity. Together with leadership and coaching experts and our partner Google, we developed our research-backed confidence program to get you ahead in the workplace.

Our free 4-step confidence boost program will get give you access to tailored advice as well as dedicated workbooks boosting your confidence levels to get closer to your goals: personally, professionally and financially. 

Get instant access to our confidence boost program including:

values workbook

 strengths assessment

 positive self-talk guide

 self-trust resources



1.190 €

Thank you, ladies for your support, arguments and questions which helped me prepare in the best possible way for my salary negotiations.


I was super motivated, self-confident and prepared the next day and I am proud of what I accomplished!

- a happy member about our success circle 

time to celebrate your achievements.

As the exclusive female empowerment partner of Google, we are hosting the #IamRemarkable series, which aims to empower women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.

With more than 100k participants in over 100 countries, the goal of the initiative is to improve self-promotion motivation and skills across the board. Learn to identify and accept how uniquely gifted you are, and then put it to practice in achieving your professional goals.

wanna go the extra mile? join the inner circle.


mentoring program

connect to decision-makers, get industry insights and interview tips to land your dream job


masterclasses & events

connect to decision-makers, get industry insights and interview tips to land your dream job


career success program

enjoy complimentary access and get ready for your next professional step


invite-only community

join our digital space to connect with other future leaders globally


discounts & perks

enjoy free and discounted benefits of our partner companies

discover all our confidence resources



Invest in yourself today.

It'll change your game - forever.


Drop us a line, we're answering all your questions.

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