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Business & Mindset Coach

Maria Gruber

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Coaching, Marketing / Communications / PR / Advertising, Event Management



English, German, Italian


One-woman business



available for this batch

"Life is what you make of it. Always was. Always will be. So be the director of your own life. 
And a very effective advise: align your energy first, only then take action."

courage freedom mindfulness
Maria can support with:
Decision-making Brand development & communication Confidence building Intercultural communication Goal setting and scheduling Interpersonal skills Team management & leadership Marketing / digital marketing / social media management Mindfulness / spiritual well being Motivational skills Starting a business / project / side-hustle Smart working & productivity / time management Leadership skills
Maria's work experience:
Coaching Marketing / Communications / PR / Advertising Event Management Employee Manager Consultant Coach / Trainer Startup Multinational (>1000) Medium-sized business (<250 employees) One-woman business Corporate (>250 employees) Austria

Maria is all about supporting women in their next steps towards the business success and good life they desire.

During her long corporate career in marketing and international management positions, she worked in almost all fields from brand management, product development, communications & PR, online marketing to international business development and global travel jobs leading small and large international teams, working in several European countries as well as North & South America.

After 20 years in management of large companies she decided to step into entrepreneurship building new income streams and eventually leaving the corporate world to combine her knowledge and skills with her personal priorities of travelling, holistic health and the freedom to work from anywhere. 

She now works with women who plan on starting their own (side) business and coaches female entrepreneurs on all things marketing and branding. Health and wellbeing have become a cornerstone of her own life, her business as well as part of her 360 mentoring approach.

Maria went to University of Innsbruck and University of Miami for her degree in International Business Administration and Economics. Learning and personal development have always been key pillars during her 20 years of professional experience, mostly gained on a international level. Mindset, nutrition, aromatherapy and yoga (she is a certified Yoga teacher) are woven into her coaching and mentoring work with women.

Maria is open for:
some brainpicking 🧠 doing regular check-ins ✅ becoming a sparring partner 🤝 support for specific projects and events 🤓 shout-outs 📣 connecting and networking 🛜 coaching 🏆 becoming an accountability buddy for goals and achievements 🎯 grabbing an occasional coffee ☕
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build a network for a lifetime.


Check out our FAQ below or drop us a line, we're answering all your questions.

  • Does the mentoring program cost anything?
    Nope - but you do have to be an inner circle member at the female factor. The membership starts at 1 € a day. For more info visit our membership page.
  • Can I apply for more than one mentor?
    Yes, you can apply for up to three mentors. Please note, every mentor requires a personalized motivation letter.
  • I'm having trouble deciding who to apply for, how do you pick a good mentor?
    That all depends on your career goals for the upcoming months- so ask yourself where do you want to be in half a year or year from now. Do you want to expand your company in a certain field? Start your own company? Or side business? Do you want to gain a particular skill set? Or maybe you want to move up within your corporation? Choosing a good mentor FOR YOU depends on a lot of things. But we’ve seen that a good mentor mentee relationship and successful outcomes mainly depends on good chemistry aka. you two get along and that the person can give you relevant advice and know-how that will help to excel in YOUR personal career. So ask yourself: “Will I vibe well with this person?” “How is their career and experience relevant to mine?” “How will it help me get to where I want to be in a certain period of time?” "How could my mentor actually benefit from my knowhow and skillset?"
  • How long is the mentoring program?
    The official mentoring period is for half a year. The current mentoring batch is running until December 2024. The fall batch will have applications open in September, and the batch itself will run from October 2024 through to March 2025. However, some of the mentors will still be happy to support you after that period or even become friends.
  • Can I apply for a mentor who lives in another city?
    Absolutely. We encourage you to apply for mentors in other cities as well, especially if you have a certain goal, eg. expanding or establishing a business there or looking for a job in another country or if you're eager to get to know another culture.
  • How can I become a mentor myself?
    If you feel you would be a good fit, you can reach out to us here.
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