How to apply for the female factor mentoring program

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Being a female factor inner circle member means enjoying all the perks of the community including access to our six months long mentoring program. This is a unique journey of personal and professional growth where you will be guided by top-notch mentors who are leaders in their industry accelerating your career and making meaningful connections.

But how do you get started and how do you apply? Keep reading to get some answers to your most burning questions.

Start thinking about your goals and what kind of mentor you’d like to have. We’ve already got some tricks of how to choose the right mentor.

First of all, have a look through our wonderful list of female factor mentors here, (you can select up to three of them in your application).

You can filter by industry, location, and area of expertise. Still can’t find someone who ticks all the boxes? Our Mentoring Lead Louise is happy to give you insights and answer any questions.

Someone caught your eye? Great!

Not yet an inner circle member yet? Go on and apply here to join!

Now, let’s get into the details of the application process.

Head on over to our members area to submit your application. Here you will find that we ask you to provide us with some information to make sure that both you and your mentor have a great experience and are a good fit.

To start with, you will need a unique motivation letter for each mentor you are applying for which should clearly outline:

  • a bit about yourself, your experiences & yo

ur story, add some fun facts if you’d like :)

  • the areas where the mentor could support you and basically why and for what purpose you need a mentor

  • what you expect from this mentoring relationship

  • your personal and professional goals you would like to achieve within the program

  • why you think you and your mentor would be a fit and work well together and/or something you have in common with your mentor

  • something you would bring to the table in exchange

(please keep it short but clearly address the points above.)

Then you will need to upload your CV and #prettyplease make sure it’s in a pdf format (bc first impression counts, you know ;)).

After that we would like you to tell us if you are working on or trying to found a project and you could include things such as:

  • What does your company do?

  • Do you have a website or social media page?

  • What specifically do you need help with for your project?

Finally, in order to complete your application, you can upload an (optional but highly recommended) 90 seconds intro video about yourself. Here you can freely express yourself and your personality. You could talk about things you are passionate about, the last book you read or something you find inspiring, or you could impress your mentor with personal achievements! Remember, this video will be also sent to your preferred mentor(s) and it’s a great opportunity for her/him to get to know you a bit more.

We know these are a lot of information to provide, but the more details you add, the higher the chances for you to get the right mentor, since you will have to clearly identify your needs and expectations and therefore have more possibilities to have chosen the most fitting mentor for you. Moreover, the mentors have to choose you after you have chosen them, so be honest, clear and specific in your answers!

Once you have completed your application, you can relax and soon you will receive updates from the female factor team. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our mentoring lead Louise directly.

Ready to advance your career and create business opportunities? Join the inner circle!