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how to pick the right female factor mentor from our mentoring program

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Are you ready to step up your game and become more competitive in your industry or accelerate your business growth?

The female factor aims to help boost your confidence, competence and connections with our kick-ass mentoring program by connecting you with the right industry leader.

In this short article we will explain the most effective way to find the best mentor for your personal and professional growth.

To get yourself started, check out this post here where you can find some useful steps on how to choose a mentor and start thinking about how to find the perfect sparring partner to help you work towards your goals.

Our network includes 150+ mentors and you have the possibility to apply for up to three of them, eventually being matched with the most fitting one.

However, before getting started on your application, there are some questions you should ask yourself to identify the key characteristics your mentor should have:

  • What do I need right now? Which skill should I improve or which field would I like to know better?

  • Which is the single most important ability or knowledge my mentor should have?

After having determined your needs, head on over to our female factor website to check out our mentors’ profiles.

Choice can be overwhelming but don’t let that deter you! If you feel that many mentors would be a great fit, you will need to dive deeper and gather more information, for example by reaching out to the female factor or by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do I need to have them close to where I am based or am I happy with an online connection?

  • Do I admire their achievements and experience? Would I like to get there in the future?

  • Prepare some questions you would like to ask them. Would they be able to answer the questions?

  • Being a member, have I ever had the opportunity to have contacts with her/him or read something by her/him in the female factor community that I felt relevant for me and/or inspiring?

You are welcome to schedule a sparring call with a female factor team member to help work through your ideas and focus your thoughts.

Yes, we know, this is a tough decision, so many good options! But do not worry, you can also apply for more than one mentor - you can apply for up to three mentors in order of your preference and will ultimately be matched with one!

Now that you have made your decision, it’s application time! Head over to our members-only area and apply directly.

Head on over to the members portal to submit your application. Keep in mind we will ask you to provide us with the following information in your application:

A motivation letter that is unique for each mentor you are applying for which should clearly outline:

  • a bit about yourself & your story

  • the areas where the mentor could support you

  • your expectations towards your mentoring relationship

  • your goals of the mentoring

  • why you see a fit between you and the mentor

  • what could you bring to the table in exchange?

  • your CV

  • if you’re a founder or aspiring founder, a bit information about your project/business.

  • and a 90 second intro video. It doesn’t have to be fancy just a quick introduction to help your potential mentors see your personality. :)

If the mentor agrees that you two could really click with each other, then it’s done, welcome to the mentoring program!

Still got questions? Contact our mentoring lead Louise.

Ready to advance your career and create business opportunities? Join the inner circle!

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