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our top 10 a-ha! moments from the global limitless conference

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

There’s something incredible that happens when women are given the opportunity to connect, to share, to unite. Some call it magic, we know it as the true #powerofcommunity. A while back, we were able to experience it first-hand during our global limitless conference, and we couldn't be prouder.

And what a day it was - full of inspiration, learnings, and the kind of advice you can't just google. The event might have passed, but our heads are still abuzz with all the amazing insights we've shared, and all the wonderful moments we've witnessed.

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If you weren't able to be part of the event, don't fret - you can sign up and get notified as soon as our recordings become available. In the meanwhile, we've gathered some of our favorite conference a-ha moments. Read on and keep handy for whenever you need a quick confidence boost or insightful reminder to get you going.


It is teamwork that carries forward the vision.

Dame Stephanie Shirley, tech pioneer & philanthropist


I was thrown in the water, so I had to learn how to swim, and it was the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Beatrix Praeceptor, CPO | Mondi Group


Overcoming biases is about behavior shifts, constant re-evaluation, recalibration and practice.

Tracy May, CEO | The Diversitas Group


Women bring three unique things to the table in the workplace: the ability to bring people together, the ability to stand up for ourselves & what we believe in, as well as empathy & connection with people.

Margareta Sailer, Founder | mondaysquares


I would encourage people to just ship it, the faster you start learning, the faster the fun magic happens.

Amanda Goetz, Founder | House of Wise


Woman by woman, circle by circle - we get to a more equal world.

Sheryl Sandberg, author & founder I Lean In, COO I Facebook


Confidence is not something you get from food or TV stations, you get it from doing something over and over again.

Ali Mahlodji, keynote speaker & managing director | ALI.DO


It’s not about advancing women at the expense of men, it’s about creating a new world we all want to live in.

Chiara Condi, Gender Equality Advocate and Founder Led By HER


It is not only important to create female talent, but support female leadership because the decisions are still made at the top. It’s vital to have women making decisions so that those decisions are inclusive.

Daniela Zapata, Head of Business Development | Mindvalley

Branding is about authenticity. The most important thing you can do is be as you as you can be, and make choices that feel absolutely 100% correct to you.

Heather Nova, critically-acclaimed singer & songwriter

about the limitless experience

The limitless conference series aims to unite future female leaders & connect them to the right opportunities. By making global decision-makers accessible & equipping them with the kind of hands-on knowledge they can immediately put to use, the events empower women from all walks of life to create their dream professional lives.

The global limitless conference took place on May 5th with the goal of providing women with the tools needed to get their seats at the table, bringing together participants from 75 countries around the world, 105 international speakers, 30+ trusted partner organizations.

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