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the ultimate expat career guide to Austria

Updated: Jan 31

Thinking about moving to Austria? Recently moved? Or even been here a while but looking for up-to-date information related to work? Then you’re in the right place. Being a global team, we're all-too-familiar with the struggles expats face when moving to Austria, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to navigating your career as an expat in Austria. From where to look for jobs to how to start your own business in Austria and even where to find new friends, we’ve covered it all.

everything you need to know about starting your career as an expat in Austria

Find the link to download the free guide at the end of this article.

So what’s inside? Hesitant about whether this guide contains the answers to your questions? Well alright then, we’ll give you a sneak peek into the contents. Here is a peek into the 10 areas you will find information about inside this guide.

01. tailoring your CV to the ✨Austrian style✨

First things first, we begin with the first stage of any recruitment process- the CV. This section includes info on how to structure your CV according to the usual Austrian style, what information to include and what to leave out as well as examples of best practices and ready-to-use templates.

02. where to find (english-speaking) jobs in Austria, made simple

Your guide to the best job platforms in Austria, whether you speak German or not we can tell you where to browse and apply for jobs - including our job platform where companies listed go through a thorough vetting procedure to make sure they are inclusive, as well as some of the most popular alternatives out there.

03. your map to navigating the Austrian job market

Certain professions, levels and companies can be deemed more open to employing expats and particularly non-German speakers. This is often due to the nature of the work or/and the international span of the company. But whatever your area of expertise, don’t worry, getting employed in Austria without knowledge of German is absolutely possible. This section points you in the right direction of companies and sectors that suit the career needs of expats.

04. the best (global) communities and networks to join in Austria

Joining communities and networks will help you meet and connect with people who can point you in the right direction and elevate your career. And since Austria can definitely operate on ‘it’s who you know, not what you know’ basis, then networking is as important as ever. Even if you’re already employed, it can widen your knowledge of the job market in your field or area. Here you’ll find a few recommendations of networks to join so you get to know the country, and the people, even quicker.

05. visas, legalities and getting your Austrian residency

Whether you’re an EU, EEA or third-country national, we know all the visas and residence permits Austria has to offer. In the guide, you’ll find a list of them and the requirements for each so you know which one to apply for.

06. your workplace rights in Austria

Knowing your rights has never been so quick and efficient. Our trusted partner PHH Rechtanwält:innen has summed up all the most important legal workplace details in one place. We’re talking salary, annual leave, public holidays, sick leave, maternity and paternity leave, healthcare and unemployment benefits.

07. all things tax and finances

Depending on your employment, nationality and main country of residence will dictate where you have to pay tax. Unless you’re self-employed, your taxes will be sorted for you by your employer in Austria. An often confusing process for expats, we share some other resources where you can seek tax advice including our trusted partner ARTUS Tax Consultancy for all of your national and international, personal and business tax needs.

08. How to start your own business in Austria

Budding entrepreneur or founder? This section has you covered. If you’re wanting to found a business in Austria or expand here, then we can share a few local tips and tricks of the best places to visit for free advice and workshops related to funding, business premises, office or co-working spaces and partnerships in a language of your choice. Our trusted partner Vienna Business Agency is our go-to solution for helping you set things up.

Hint: If you’re looking for an office space that lets you work around the world from their many locations, International Workplace Group offers you a free trial for your preferred office space.

09. Your cheat sheet for important institutions

A list of all the places you need to know and will soon become very, very familiar with when you move to Austria. From registering your residence, and applying for a visa to getting your health insurance. They’re all listed here so that when it finally comes to taking a trip down to the government offices you’re well-prepared.

10. Additional good-to-know resources

Just in case you finish this guide with any unanswered questions (we hope not!) Then this guide ends with a list of good-to-know local resources that can answer those remaining questions. Great to bookmark for later on in case any issues crop up later.

ready to live your best expat life in Austria?

Looks like it contains the answers that you’re looking for?

Download the ultimate expat career guide to Austria for free here.

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