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nail your next career move

Plan your career, grow and market your skills through our career success program.
12 modules

on-demand sessions around confidence, career competence & connections

curated participants

from 75+ countries ready to nail their next career move and empower each other

curated by experts

sharing their career knowledge and passing on their insights & tips

"In a competitive environment you need to stand out."

what we'll cover in the program

career success program pillars.png

Through 3 core pillars split into 12 modules focused on personal growth development, career training and upskilling, the program will help you figure out where you want to go, how to get there, and how to stand out from the crowd.


From start to finish, the program will help you transform your dreams and career goals into reality: success as you define it.

the unique components of the program


on-demand sessions

join and complete the program whenever your schedule allows it


bite-sized inputs

high output oriented sessions with easy-to-follow steps to get things done


interactive assignments

work through the workbooks & assignment to see the results


worldwide network

connect with other future leaders across borders and find accountability buddies


get a certificate

upon completion you'll receive a certificate and a linkedin recommendation 

some of the experts we are working with

Tanja Sternbauer

ceo & co-founder at the female factor

Astrid Bonk

coach & career expert

is the career success program right for you?


for job seekers

connect to decision-makers, get industry insights and interview tips to land your dream job


hunting for a promotion

prepare to take the next step to negotiate a raise or promotion


for career changes

get started in a different field or country or get back after a break


for professionals

with the feeling that there is "more out there" for you

spoiler: there is!

what participants are saying


"It was great to get an expert's perspective on my resume and my linkedin profile. After going through the check provided by the female factor I instantly landed my next job - coincidence? ;)"

Sophie Stiglmayer | Account Manager, Zoom

Here’s an outline of what you’ll have achieved by the end of the program:

✅ become more confident in owning your greatness

✅ figure out what makes you unique and marketable

 broaden your network across industries, professions and countries

 generate more career opportunities

Alongside the standard career equipment such as:

 a standout resume and cover letter

 a top-notch linkedin profile 

 clear career goal setting and actions planned

 preparation to master your interviews and negotiations

 understanding your values and your strengths

Start preparing for your future today.

career success program pillars_edited.png


The program requires a minimum time investment of 10 hours from your side in order to deliver real results! We are supporting you on this success journey, but we cannot put in the work for you. 

ready to join for career success?


sign up

 join the program for a participation fee of 249 € or opt-in to 

becoming an inner circle member and enjoy all benefits here,


access the program

Once in, you get access to all the videos, material, workbooks and our online community.


get a buddy

By joining our digital community, you'll get the opportunity to connect to other participants, finding your perfect accountability buddy.


work on your career success

Let's make progress together, getting closer to your career success.



Invest in yourself today.

It'll change your game - forever.


Drop us a line, we're answering all your questions.

  • Does the mentoring program cost anything?
    Nope - but you do have to be an inner circle member at the female factor. The membership starts at 1 € a day. For more info visit our membership page.
  • Can I apply for more than one mentor?
    Yes, you can apply for up to three mentors. Please note, every mentor requires a personalized motivation letter.
  • I'm having trouble deciding who to apply for, how do you pick a good mentor?
    That all depends on your career goals for the upcoming months- so ask yourself where do you want to be in half a year or year from now. Do you want to expand your company in a certain field? Start your own company? Or side business? Do you want to gain a particular skill set? Or maybe you want to move up within your corporation? Choosing a good mentor FOR YOU depends on a lot of things. But we’ve seen that a good mentor mentee relationship and successful outcomes mainly depends on good chemistry aka. you two get along and that the person can give you relevant advice and know-how that will help to excel in YOUR personal career. So ask yourself: “Will I vibe well with this person?” “How is their career and experience relevant to mine?” “How will it help me get to where I want to be in a certain period of time?” "How could my mentor actually benefit from my knowhow and skillset?"
  • How long is the mentoring program?
    The official mentoring period is for half a year. The current mentoring batch is running until December 2024. The fall batch will have applications open in September, and the batch itself will run from October 2024 through to March 2025. However, some of the mentors will still be happy to support you after that period or even become friends.
  • Can I apply for a mentor who lives in another city?
    Absolutely. We encourage you to apply for mentors in other cities as well, especially if you have a certain goal, eg. expanding or establishing a business there or looking for a job in another country or if you're eager to get to know another culture.
  • How can I become a mentor myself?
    If you feel you would be a good fit, you can reach out to us here.
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