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BCG partners with the female factor to further promote diversity in consulting

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

We are more than proud to announce a new partnership with BCG, one of the most prestigious management consulting firms in the world, and a business strategy pioneer since it was founded in 1963.

While various consulting firms have been vocal advocates of greater workplace diversity, many continue to struggle to represent all forms of individual expression.

BCG sets an example to change these traditional models by partnering with the female factor to promote equal career opportunities, especially for the next generation of female talents.

BCG's commitment towards diversity has a multidimensional focus - the main goal is to break the bias and achieve equality when it comes to race & gender, as well as LGBTQIA*.

BCG possesses a strong dedication to supporting women in the workplace. To tackle issues such as gender equality, which focuses on the worrying pay gap and the lack of women in board positions, they established the Women@BCG initiative. The program enables women to have the support of a mentor from day one, and receive guidance on both personal and professional matters, regardless of their career level. As inclusivity acts like a mantra, their initiative is backed by The Men as Allies program which invites men to critical conversations around inclusion and progress in the workplace.

At BCG, more than 40% of new joiners on the consulting team are women.

“We proudly stand for diversity of thought, expertise, experience, and background. Women at BCG hold central roles in leadership positions and in our top committees, globally as well as in Germany and Austria. One-third of our global Executive Committee is staffed by women. The goal of our partnership with the female factor is to continuously increase female participation to achieve equal distribution on all levels. says Ina Wicker, Partner at BCG.

“Every company eager to partner with the female factor needs to sign a pledge, committing to gender equality across their company. While being aware that it’s a long way for companies in certain industries to achieve gender parity, we believe the first step to drive change is committing to work for it. We are proud to support BCG on their way to change the 'unwritten rules' for their own industry by committing to a more women-friendly work ethic”, explains Mahdis Gharaei, CEO at the female factor.

steps towards an inclusive diversity culture

BCG’s 2021 DEI report is not only a great example of their commitment towards achieving an inclusive environment, it also serves as a statement of their public pledge to transparency, and encompasses a wide range of cultures and identities in order to accelerate their representation and enable broader societal change.

For example, their Pride@BCG network welcomes everybody who represents the BCG values in an environment that supports equality in policy and practice. The flexibility@BCG program is also remarkable, which offers the employees professional development opportunities and continuous support to meet their needs. Whether the reason for taking time off is personal, educational, or for welcoming a new opportunity, the program offers one the time and flexibility to achieve all their goals.

The journey towards diversity has been redesigned this year as BCG acknowledged the need for a more Demand-Centric Approach to DEI. In order to rightfully represent drivers of difference for employees and address underlying needs, their latest initiative focuses on a more holistic, emotional and data-driven approach to ensure a reimagined and adaptive proposition for diversity and inclusion.

The female factor supports in positioning BCG to an international community of future female leaders to create change across all industries. This includes showcasing BCG leaders as part of the female factor mentoring network and through exclusive events, as well as empowering & developing employees through our community.

Together, BCG and the female factor are actively working on making consulting a more inclusive industry, to enable not only more women to get their seat at the table, but also allow all categories of employees to bring their true selves at work.

You can find current job openings of BCG and other inclusive employers here.

about our partner.

BCG is a global management consulting firm and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy. They partner with clients from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in all regions to develop tailored solutions and support their implementation.

Ina Wicker has been focusing on projects in the industrial goods sector for the last five years, consulting clients in the engineered products and machinery space in diversifying their business, identifying new market segments and M&A opportunities for growth, and working on their organizational structure to become more competitive.

Larissa Prinz is a principal at BCG and works primarily for Telco and Media companies in the fields of sales, marketing, and pricing. She has joined the company four years ago, before which she was a Director at Simon-Kucher & Partners and worked in the Strategy & Finance departments of a large Aircraft supplier.

As a passionate expert for value-based pricing at BCG, Johanna Elgeti is constantly exposed to new strategic missions, stakeholders, and project set-ups. Apart from pure topic expertise and authentic client & team management competencies, she considers her ability to identify talents and get inspired a major cornerstone of her profile.

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