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Updated: Aug 7, 2021

One common thing that most successful people share is that, at some point in their journey, they have been part of a high-functioning peer group.

We at the female factor believe that, in order to achieve career success, women need confidence to believe in themselves, the right set of competencies to deliver results and connections to lift them up & create opportunities.

Our success circles are designed to group ambitious women around one topic or profession, so that they can support each other and facilitate mutual growth. Our success circles are member-only peer groups, with the aim of enabling future female leaders to help each other by dealing with similar challenges, and to create a strong bond.

the female factor success circles in a nutshell

  • monthly get-togethers

  • exchanging experiences

  • connecting with like-minded women

  • accountability buddies

After joining one of our success circles you may just end up telling yourself if only I had known 3 years ago what I know now. And that is exactly what we want to achieve, by offering our members the opportunity to learn from others' past experiences and learnings.

why should you join a success circle?

If you react to one of the following statements with extensive nodding, then it might be time to join our circles:

  • do you have the feeling that don't have the right people around you to discuss your business decisions?

  • do you feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities out there concerning your business or your personal life?

  • do you sometimes have the feeling that you are the only person on this planet with a specific problem?

  • are you open to giving some valuable feedback on topics that are proving to be troublesome to other women?

  • do you want to help other women grow and become better?

  • are you open to stepping out of your comfort zone and to grow?

  • do you want to become a better you and learn?

If your neck is hurting right now and you have a big smile on your face, you know what your next step should be.

the female factor members experience

Still not sure if joining a success circle is the right thing for you? Maybe some insights from our members can help you take the next step.

Lisa Knotzer

Trainer for Personal Development & Mindful Leadership

member of our coaching success circle

It‘s just fantastic to connect and exchange with this bunch of awesome women, who all share similar challenges and work towards similar goals. I also love the mutual understanding and support in our success circle, everyone is so open and supportive. I always go home super energized, looking forward to our next meeting.

Johanna Ginter

Psychologist, Sex Educator, Coach

member of our coaching success circle

I have been an active member of the success circle for coaches by the female factor for more than 6 months now. I benefited a lot from the circle meet-ups and can recommend them to anyone who works in the coaching field! I expanded my network and got new inputs and ideas.

Maria-Theresia Haller

Business Psychologist & Systemic Coach

Founder of Verrück dich

leader of the coaches & trainers success circle

Do what you really love for and with people who love what you really do has always been my philosophy in life. 
If you share all your talents, skills, knowledge and energy with people, you get the same back - and mostly more so.
 That's why I love to share what I do as coach, trainer, speaker & business mentor in my position as success leader of the success circle for coaches & trainers, and learn also so much from the participants. We support each other in our growth and it is always better together and so much more fun!

Feeling like it's time to give it a try? You literally have nothing to lose 😉.

how can you join?

Become part of one of our success circles and take the chance to boost your personal and professional growth, find a mentor or an accountability buddy and build lasting connections.

Learn more about our success circles and how you can join here.

Are you considering to join as a success circle leader yourself? Share your ideas with us.

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