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third time's a charm aka another limitless conference update due to corona virus (COVID-19)

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Yep, you might have guessed it already: we are rescheduling our limitless conference (which originally was planned for May 14th 2020 and then got postponed to October 22nd 2020) AGAIN (duh, we know).

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is (apparently) here to stay and as health (and government-ordered rules) are of utmost importance to us, we decided to reschedule one more time - because well, third time's a charm;)

Mark your calendars: the (NEW) NEW lucky date is: 05.05.2021 🤞 and it will be *drumrolls* a hybrid (meaning mostly digital) conference, after the success of our first online limitless edition, reaching participants in over 47 countries.

how we really really feel...

But jokes aside, the last months have been pretty turbulent for a young company such as ours. One of our core pillars at the female factor has always been outstanding event experiences. Sharing knowledge (you can't find on Google) with aspiring female leaders and connecting them with each other while having a great time together.

In the midst of every crises lies great opportunity. - Albert Einstein

Now, operating a business whose core is events during a pandemic therefor seems quite unthankful to say the least. But in every challenge lies great opportunity, and as we are living by our motto dare to be bold, we decided to shift our core services to a more digital approach.

say what?

Yep, instead of crying over the lost opportunity (k, we shed a tear or two...) we used the last months wisely, got clearer on our mission (opportunities anyone?) and created tailored programs and trainings for the next generation of female leaders. Which basically results in an even better mentoring program, job openings of growing companies, content that is accessible from anywhere in the world at any time and online-only event experiences (that are not "just" webinars). Stay tuned for all the updates ;)

online limitless conference by the female factor

what you can look forward to at our digital limitless conference:

  1. hybrid event format: Not only because it's safer during a pandemic, we developed quite a fangirl moment for hybrid events. Essentially hybrid means: offline stages and camera crews who film the speakers live and the audience dialing in online. Depending on the (corona) development we might host some smaller get-together simultaneously in an offline location.

  2. going (really) global: With 5 stages and over 50 speakers spread across the world, we are taking our global approach one step further. The conference is set to reach the next generation of female leaders across borders and time zones.

  3. tailored match-making: Just let us know who you are and who you'd like to meet, and our AI solution is making it happen. Success guaranteed and easier than approaching dozens of strangers offline (a happy moment for all the introverts amongst us).

  4. dope entertainment: Seriously, did you ever take part in composing a song during a conference or had a dj playing live (almost) in your living room? Yep, both happened during our last conference, so be prepared for what's to come next year #gobigorgohome (or #gobigandstayhome?).

  5. access to global leaders: getting in touch with opinion leaders during conferences is quite a challenge - our digital conference is designed to connect you with our speakers to build your network further. That's definitely easier than stalking someone backstage ;)

and of course many more surprises for all the future female leaders out there.

the fine print

For those of you who secured their tickets already, of course, these will still be valid for the new conference dates. While ticket prices are not officially out yet, you can be sure that we're planning something BIG for you, as you waited a year for the conference to happen :D (did someone say VIP?). But of course, if you're in doubt: tickets may be refunded at any time (just send a request through eventbrite pls).

In the meantime, we are sure many of you and your organizations are impacted one way or another by the Coronavirus – we wish you and your teams health, and endurance and success despite these challenges.

We also briefly want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the trust and ongoing support of all our partners and supporters - thank you for being with us and believing in us.

Hope to (virtually) see you all on May 5th, 2021 (this time for real ;))

Tanja, Mahdis & the female factor team

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