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the future of tech is female

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

“A challenge is a challenge, and the rest is about your perspective. It's about whether or not you decide to DO it. Even if the price is high, you know whether or not you are going to accept the challenge.” - Anna Degtereva

In male dominated industries it is often seen as a challenge to break in as a woman. Our the female factor mentor Anna Degtereva shows how you too can break into the tech industry and make your mark. Anna Degtereva is the founder and CEO of Happy Farm Business Accelerator, a company which focuses on supporting, educating, and connecting young technology companies with the resources they need to succeed.

why it is difficult for women to establish themselves in the tech industry

Women in tech are underrepresented, underpaid and undervalued. However in an industry where diversity is extraordinarily valuable for both internal team work and creation of new developments, this gap between the two is very large.

According to CIO only 25% of the tech workforce is made up of women. This disparity shows the challenges which women face in the industry. Anna mentions that the tech industry needs more women in order to continuously make active changes and progressions.

“Enter the field of technology! There is not only room for more women in tech, but there is also a real need to bring the feminine perspective into this industry.”

woman leaders in a business meeting

Tips on how to break into the industry

Have a killer CV

A CV is your first impression which you make onto a company, therefore it is extremely important that it showcases your amazing talents! You have seven seconds to make a lasting impression, so your CV should make it count. You need to make sure that your CV shows your personal brand, showcases your abilities and aligns with the company’s core values which they look out for. At the female factor, we provide a free CV checklist so that you always have an amazing CV for any job which you apply to!

“When building your personal brand, it's important to be authentic. Be yourself, be sincere, and be in harmony with yourself. If you are pretending to be someone else - people will sense this.”

Update your skills

In any industry, but especially the tech industry it is important to maintain and update your skills. Through taking various online courses, watching free youtube videos and attending seminars. Holding the same importance as hard skills, leadership skills should not be overlooked as they act as a huge confidence boost. As career journeys are full of changes, being confident in your skills is going to help you better concentrate and stick to a plan. As Anna says, in order to make a successful change in career, you have to fully commit to the change and take every opportunity to achieve your career aspirations.

“Changing careers requires a plan. Create this plan and think about the key steps that you need to complete in order to get where you want to go. Be passionate, and be consistent”

Surround yourself with a strong community

It is also important to surround yourself with like minded people who can help lift you up and give you confidence when it comes to breaking into a new industry. Are you wondering where to even begin looking for such a community? You can join the inner circle at the female factor to engage with strong women in various industries and make connections all around the world.

Find a mentor

If you are seeking for more guidance, finding a mentor could be for you. Through the mentor program at the female factor you receive one-to-one advice sessions, mentoring check-ins and guidance on how to achieve your goals and land your dream career. Here at the female factor we offer a mentoring program, designed to help you in your career, setting up a new venture or just to get some advice from a person in the industry. Interested? Learn more about how to apply here!

about the mentor

CEO & Founder | Happy Farm Business Accelerator

A serial entrepreneur dedicated to technological innovation around the world. Her hunt for big ideas spans the globe as she connects with visionary thinkers, startups, mentors, investors, and other crazy individuals on the quest to bring positive change through technology. Anna is a powerful female speaker, an inspiring mentor, and an international juror of startup battles.

'' I fiercely believe in my people and our projects, and I have the skills and the drive necessary to break through the walls and reinvent the rules.''

Want to have Anna's experience and guidance on your part and to become a confident female leader? Apply to be her mentee in our next batch! You can find more information here.


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