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Wien Energie renews partnership with the female factor

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

The female factor is proud to announce the continuation of our successful partnership with Wien Energie, Austria’s largest energy provider, supplying over two million people, 230,000 businesses and industries with power.

"As an innovative employer, we are always looking for the best talents. Supporting women and their development, especially in the field of technology, is our top priority. With the female factor we have found a network partner who shares our vision."

-Andrea König, employer branding specialist at Wien Energie.

shaping the future of energy through innovation and eco friendly solutions

A modern company with a futuristic mindset: Wien Energie works directly with startups, research institutes and industrial partners to develop creative and future-orientated solutions. They invest heavily in renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydropower and electromobility, as well as biomass, waste incineration and cogeneration technology to produce power in an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

The security of energy supply and environmental protection are top priorities for Wien Energie, hence they will continue to invest in the expansion of renewable energy sources in the coming years. But that’s not all, Wien Energie invests in its people too, especially women. Through their mission to increase their female quota with various initiatives as well as their apprenticeship and trainee programmes, the gender balance at Wien Energie is levelling.

where consciousness and career meet: green jobs

Evidence from our own studies points to one conclusion: women want impact in what they invest their time in. When on the job hunt in the pandemic era, specifically women are looking for opportunities where they can contribute in a way that is worthwhile and important to them.

Working at Wien Energie provides a career with a meaningful purpose and an opportunity to contribute to a greener future.

“As we recently launched Europe’s first job platform for female talents, we see a high demand for jobs that can have an impact on a better future for all of us. We are excited to connect more innovative talents with Wien Energie to create future-oriented solutions”, says Tanja Sternbauer, co-ceo of the female factor.

Wien Energie is a proud employer of green jobs, jobs that avoid environmental damage and preserve natural resources. There are currently around 40 operating areas at Wien Energie, in which green jobs are available and there is always room for more green ideas. Apply now to be part of the journey towards CO2 neutral.

about Wien Energie

Wien Energie is Austria’s largest energy provider and is a subsidiary of the municipal utility company Wiener Stadtwerke. They supply over two million people with environmentally friendly electrical power, cooling, heating, electromobility and telecommunications in the capital of Vienna. Committed to producing energy in a sustainable manner, Wien Energie maintains a balance between environmental, social and commercial interests within their company.

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