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the top 10 expat friendly companies in Slovenia

With astonishing landscapes, a variety of pre-aged wines and a diverse culture, Slovenia holds an impressive array of attractions for international people. Regardless if you plan on moving to the Balkan country or you are already established there as an expat, finding an English speaking job is not always easy, especially in a new country. Typing ‘’expat jobs in Slovenia’’ into search engines or joining Facebook groups is truly a hassle, perhaps producing no helpful results in the end anyway. I did all that research for you and compiled a guide to the top 10 expat friendly companies in Slovenia to help you seamlessly enter the Slovenian job market.

When looking for a job in Slovenia, expats look for specific requirements, which include more than just English as the company’s internal language. The criteria I used to rank these expat-friendly companies is based on the ‘’is’’ questions:

Is the mission & vision clearly stated on the website?

Is the company advocating for DEI? Is there a proven track record of implementing DEI in the company (rewards, data in reports)?

Is English used in the workplace (internal communication, documents and recruitment process)?

Is the company offering benefits (flexible working hours, parental adoptive leave, health initiatives, skills development and remote opportunities)?

Is there an international and inclusive culture in the company?

Based on this criteria, here is the list of the top 10 English jobs and expat friendly companies in Slovenia:

Endava logo

1. Endava

IT, Ljubljana.

Endava is a multinational software company, which is reimagining the relationship between people and technology. HQ’d in London, but with an office in Ljubljana and other countries all over the world, Endava has an internationally diverse team made up of different nationalities. Based on testimonials of expat workers at Endava in Slovenia, the recruitment process is very friendly to expats. English is the main language especially for client facing roles. Moreover, Endava has a very diverse team with many initiatives that are supported by the company, including no discrimination based on age, sex, parenting, sexual preferences, as well as a proactive approach to sustainable development, etc and employees are allowed to work from home. There are numerous team events to join and the company offers support in learning the language and visa assistance too.

Protim logo

2. Protim Ržišnik Perc

Architecture, numerous locations in Slovenia.

Protim is an independent consulting and design company of architects and engineers based in Slovenia with offices all over Europe with internal communication being offered in English, German and languages of the former Yugoslavian states. The process of recruitment is friendly. All interviews are held in English, even though the main language in the office is Slovenian. The company is looking forward to employing more foreigners, as one of the values of Protim is diversity. Remote options are available to employees as well. Bonus points go to Protim for offering accommodation close to the office and a relocation support that is well thought out and helpful. There is also (strong points for that) a canteen that provides delicious lunches everyday. Additionally, Protim holds a series of events for their employees, such as summer picnics, sport training and tours. The company now has an offer for those who want to try working in Slovenia. It is a one to three months trial or internship to see if you can work well together. During this period a person and an employer can understand if they fit each other.

Miss Moose Studio logo

3. Miss Moose

Marketing (video editing services), Ljubljana.

Miss Moose is a Slovenian based company of highly qualified experts in video marketing. Though they’re based in Slovenia, because of their international team and highly digitalised workflow, the company is able to operate remotely and internationally. Based on the testimonial of an expat woman who works at Miss Moose, the company is flourishing with amazing people and a good work culture. It is an advertising company and specialises in making explainer videos (animated and mixed media). The job interviews are very friendly and filled with relevant questions. All team members are open to learn about different cultures and are curious to know what happens in other countries. With a remote option available and an openness to other languages and cultures, Miss Moose is a fitting place for expats to venture into the Slovenian job market.

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies logo

4. elaphe Propulsion Technologies

Automotive industry, Ljubljana.

Elaphe is a worldwide developer and producer of high-tech propulsion technology, moving the boundaries by developing innovative and high-value added technology. Elaphe is represented by a team of vibrant, experienced and ambitious innovators, engineers, scientists and business folk from different corners of the world, who emphasise diversity as a key element of their company’s culture. With a relaxed working environment, competent management, remote opportunities for work, training courses and organised tours, elaphe earned a well-deserved place in the top expat friendly employers in Slovenia.

databox logo

5. databox

Software and consulting, Ljubljana.

Databox is a widely spread company and platform that helps to easily track thousands of metrics from all of your tools. Their team members live in over 17 different countries and more than 60% of them work remotely. They also have offices and co-working spaces in several locations across the globe for members that feel more productive in an office environment. Databox offers flexible work time options, benefits such as vacation leave, good management and a generous pay plus bonuses. The employees of databox are constantly challenged through a mix of independent and team work. Regardless of your position, your voice is heard. Kudos to databox for also providing employees with a great onboarding program, help with documentation, a defined, clear growth path and vision for new employees so they don't feel lost in the beginning.

ABC Accelerator logo

6. ABC Accelerator

Consulting, Ljubljana.

ABC Accelerator, a company based in Ljubljana, is all about selecting, supporting and growing the very best startups with global aspirations, crafting a unique global ecosystem of and for entrepreneurs. Offering great support with the onboarding process, this company is an innovative place to grow professionally and expand your network at work. Within a vibrant team composed of individuals all over the world, ABC Accelerator is rocking the startup world in Slovenia.

Frodx logo

7. FrodX

IT, marketing, consulting, Ljubljana.

FrodX is another Ljubljana based company that helps businesses in areas of marketing, sales, and product branding. Based on employees' testimonials, the hiring experience is friendly to expats, with the interviewers giving you the liberty to express yourself. The management truly cares about each individual, helps their people grow and leads by example. Training processes are great and help people learn quickly for their roles. They offer an excellent work-life balance with an opportunity to work with professionals across the globe. The company is ever-evolving and the pace of personal growth within it is following this.

Comtrade logo

8. Comtrade

IT, Ljubljana.

Comtrade is a dynamic and well-established group of technology companies, with headquarters in Serbia and offices in Slovenia as well. It is a people centric company with a good working environment. Due to their various international projects, the team at Comtrade consists of different nationalities and cultures. Bonus points to Comtrade because they have built a fun room bar, have enough parking spaces and many other benefits for their employees.

Hella logo

9. Hella

Automotive industry, Maribor, Ljubljana.

Hella is an internationally operating German automotive parts supplier with offices in Slovenia too. The company offers a great package compiled of a good work environment, challenging projects in multiple programs, good training and support for their employees. Some other benefits include extensive employee discounts, e.g. for sports and leisure wear, mobile phone contracts, technical articles and vacations. In addition, with the Hella pension plan they offer their employees an opportunity for company retirement provision with a Hella supplement.

HYCU logo

10. HYCU

Multi Cloud backup as a service, Ljubljana.

HYCU is a global leader in multi-cloud backup as a service with offices all over the world. “Engaged leadership, a good mix of people, cultural backgrounds, great technology and a fast-paced innovative environment, where you can learn from the best'' is how employees at HYCU describe the workplace. Some benefits of working there include flexible schedule offers, good work-life balance, a lot of career opportunities and a path for personal growth.

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