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We all know how hard it can be to follow your purpose, to find and finally land that dream job or start that business. So many life circumstances (aka excuses) can hold us back from unlocking career opportunities.

Depending on where you are on your personal opportunity journey you might be occupied with questions like: 

what I'm supposed to do aka what the f*** is my purpose?

 what are my actual strengths?

 I know what I can bring to the table but how can I sell my profile properly?

 what is my actual worth on the job market and how much can I ask for?

 is it possible to apply my skill set to a new role, industry, or in a new country and how do I position myself?

Or maybe you're about to discover your entrepreneurial side and are confronted with thoughts like:

 when is the right time to follow my passion and start my own business?

 how do I even get started with my own project?

dare to be bold - name your goals.

By working closely with thousands of future female leaders like yourself we know exactly how you feel and it was about time to break that cycle of uncertainty. Together with leadership and coaching experts, we developed our research-backed opportunity journey to get you closer to your dream career. 

Enjoy our free resources, set your goals and get tailored advice to land your dream job or get that promotion. 

Get instant access to our career success program including:


 linkedIn profile checklist 

 resume template

 cv checklist to stand out

 goal setting for success workbook

 interview preparation guide 

 tailored book and podcast recommendations


790 €


"It was great to get an expert's perspective on my resume and my linkedin profile. After going through the check provided by the female factor I instantly landed my next job - coincidence? ;)"

Sophie Stiglmayer
Account Executive PR & Social Media
 Hopscotch Europe, Ireland

want to go the extra mile?

Join the inner circle, our invite-only community now and get a head-start in your career. 

What you get as an inner circle member: 

  • community – a supportive members-only peer group for future female leaders like you

  • mentoring – pick the brain of our 150+ global leaders and learn from the best

  • masterclasses – workshops dedicated to your personal & professional development

  • confidence training –  proven tools and resources to boost your confidence levels

  • career competence resources –  trainings and downloadable resources to elevate your career success 

  • limitless conference – join our conference for up 1.000 female decision-makers to broaden your network 

  • success circles – support your growth journey with like-minded women​​ to get you ahead

  • one-on-one expert-session - get tailored feedback for your business, career or personal growth

discover all our career resources. 



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