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easily uplevel your competencies and land or create your dream job through our free career resources. 

We all know how hard it can be to follow your purpose, to find and finally land that dream job or start that business. So many life circumstances (aka excuses) can hold us back from unlocking career opportunities.

Time to transform your dreams and career goals into reality: success as you define it.

Confident Businesswoman

Get instant access to our free career resources including:



790 €

Wanna go the extra mile? Join our career success program.​

✅ become more confident in owning your greatness

✅ figure out what makes you unique and marketable

 broaden your network across industries, professions and countries

 generate more career opportunities

Alongside the standard career equipment such as:

 a standout resume and cover letter

 a top-notch linkedin profile 

 clear career goal setting and actions planned

 preparation to master your interviews and negotiations

 understanding your values and your strengths

Start preparing for your future today.

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what participants are saying


"It was great to get an expert's perspective on my resume and my linkedin profile. After going through the check provided by the female factor I instantly landed my next job - coincidence? ;)"

Sophie Stiglmayer | Account Manager, Zoom

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Invest in yourself today.

It'll change your game - forever.


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